bookmark_borderWhat’s Up Doc?!?- Carrots the Natural Aphrodisiac

I love to cook for my family! Finding new healthy dishes that are delicious and nutritious has become my #1 priority, mainly, because I take our wellness very seriously. Processed and fast foods have become as much of a part of our lives as brushing our teeth in the morning. Most of these foods are high dyes, fats and sugars neglecting to nurture our bodies with the elements we need to sustain a healthy existence. Incorporating phytonutrients (planet substances necessary for sustaining human life) into your daily diet is a sure way to continue to fight die-ease and assure a healthy constitution.

Our Vegetable of the weekCarrots are high in beta-carotene and have been shown to aid in iron absorption, prevents acne and prevents cancers of the mouth, stomach, lungs and rectum. Carrots also have an anti-bacterial substance that fights food poisoning. ANOTHER interesting fact that most don’t know is carrot juice is a natural aphrodisiac. Research has suggested carrots contain certain compounds that stimulate sexual appetite!

I know…most of you will complain that you or your children don’t like carrots BUT my rebuttal is how are you preparing them? There are several ways to cook them so that your family doesn’t know they’re there. Personally, I chop them and add them into soups or pastas. Although, I’ve found the best way to eat them is raw. So, the next time you’re feeling a little frisky and want a healthy pick-me- up pull out your juicer and brew up some tasty carrot juice …ask Bugs Bunny what’s up doc!