Weigh In + Weekend Recap

I’m part of a challenge group on Facebook, and last week’s challenge was to drink 100oz of water every day… I’m definitely going to keep it up because check out my weigh in from Saturday!

I lost the 2 pounds I “gained” the previous week (thanks constipation), plus an additional 2 (and change), putting me in a new weight decade! I even had Taco Bell (a Mexican pizza and Meximelt, no chicken soft tacos for me!) Thursday night and still lost–I completely owe it to all the water I’m drinking. (Though, I did jokingly say to Marc, “I bet if not for Taco Bell, I would’ve lost 5 pounds!”)

Karinne didn’t want to go to her dance class on Saturday (I hope that’s not a permanent feeling), so after Weight Watchers I took Ryan to get a hair cut. Now, he doesn’t exactly love hair cuts yet… in fact, I’d go as far as to say he hates hair cuts. He’s a very difficult customer, but we’ve always managed to get it done with the help of a very quick/efficient stylist. I took him to the same place we always take him, and it was already packed (apparently, everyone goes right when they open at 9am). We waited a few minutes, and then it was his turn. What happened next still blows my mind.

Stylist: (arms crossed, scowling at us walking towards her) Is he going to thrash around?!
Me: (taken aback) Um, I’m not sure…
Stylist: Because if he’s going to thrash around, I can’t cut his hair. What if I cut him?!
Me: Okay, well, I’m not going to force you to cut his hair if you don’t want to.
Stylist: Well, you don’t want to have him in a headlock the whole time, do you?!
Me: Um…we’ve held him still before…
Me: (glaring) No, he’s just fine.

And it just sort of devolved from there. Basically, she was very rude and hostile to us from the moment she saw us walking toward her. No smile, no pleasant greeting, nothing but hostility. How did she think he was going to act after all that?! Of course he put his hands up and didn’t want her to come near him! So she asked if someone else would cut his hair, and then looked at me and said very loudly, “Ma’am, you need to go sit over there and wait for someone else.” The stylist next to us have me a sympathetic smile and said she’d cut his hair for us, but unfortunately he was already so upset by that time that it was no use. As we left, I heard her say to her client, “Yeah, she gets really nervous around kids…”. So here’s my issue… if you know you’re not good with kids, then why don’t you just tell the front desk not to give you any kids?! Why be so rude and hostile, humiliating a mom and her child in front of a store full of people? I wish I hadn’t been so dumbfounded in the moment, and would have thought to get her name for when I talk to a manager about the experience (they’re closed Sunday and Monday).

Despite all of that, we still had a decent Saturday. Sunday I got up and made homemade Orange Sweet Rolls that were soooo good! I also made my go-to Breakfast Casserole that’s always a hit. It was a good Father’s Day breakfast! I definitely ate too many orange rolls, but they were totally worth it. As soon as I plug the recipe into the Weight Watchers Recipe Builder, I’ll know exactly how much damage they did, lol. It was a good weekend!

Oh, I also wore this shirt dress that I’ve had for 2 years and have never worn–the buttons didn’t even gap when I sat down!