Weigh In (1/16)

How the heck are we already halfway through January?!? Honestly, I’m perfectly happy to see January zoom right on by; it’s the anniversary of my mom’s death and the whole latter half the month just makes me a little wonky. January 20, 2008, was the last day I heard her voice, she died on January 31st, and we buried her February 4th. It gets a little easier to deal with each year that passes, but every day in the back of my mind, I can’t help but note what I remember from each day during that time period… “this was the last time I heard her voice,” “this is the day I couldn’t hold it together any more,” “this is the day I knew she wasn’t coming back…” I’m sure I’ll be writing more about her in the coming days.

I was up .2 at Saturday’s weigh in. Can you even really call that a gain? Basically, I maintained. I had two decent losses in a row, so I’m not surprised. I was prepared for more of a gain, so it’s good!

We had a good weekend–Saturday was warm, but the temperature dropped and was much cooler on Sunday. OH! I also finally decided that will definitely be coaching with Girls on the Run again for the spring season, and I’ll be sticking with the middle school program (Heart & Sole). I had coach training on Saturday, and I ended up volunteering to be a head coach! They have a community site (for girls whose schools don’t have GOTR, or are homeschooled) that meets on Thursday and Saturday and they still needed a head coach, so I’m doing it! The difference between the Head Coach and the Assistant Coaches is that the Head Coach is required to be at every practice, and has to do all the administrative stuff (making sure girls are registered, evaluations, calls with the head office, etc.). The Head Coach also leads the practices. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to it!

Last but not least, my weekly goals! I didn’t forget this time 🙂

Reviewing last week’s goals…

Reach my goal of 5000 steps every day. DONE

Be in bed by 10:30.  Yeah, this didn’t really happen. Does it count if I fell asleep on the couch?

Track, track, track! DONE (ish…)

This weeks goals…
Reach my goal of 5000 steps every day. If I manage to do this one, I’ll raise next week’s goal.

Be in bed by 10:30 4 days. I put 4 days to reduce the expectation a bit; I should be able to do this, and it’s good for me.

Drink 64oz of water every day. My water intake has been terrible lately!

What goals are you working on this week?