Weekly Dose of Holistic Love 1/12

When I’m having a hard time detaching from someone or an ideal I find it helpful to express it. Not always do I want to share my deepest darkest insecurities, so I write about it. You’ll be amazed by how something so simple can be so effective. Plus, it doesn’t take much time and only requires a pen and a couple of sheets of paper. Here are the instructions:

Find a quite place where you won’t be disturbed. Give yourself a few moments to process what you’re feeling. When you’re ready to begin, use the first piece of paper to express all of your fears, anger, and pain. Remember, this is your time to share exactly how you feel. Don’t think just feel and write. When you’re done, don’t revisit the pain; give yourself permission to get rid of it. Whether, fire, tearing it to shreds or crumpling it up; dispose of it. Now, on the second piece of paper, write the things you desire (in present tense). Once you’ve created your masterpiece fold it 7 (7 being a spiritual number) times and carry it with you for 7 days. I’ve done this several times and each time I manifest something on my list.

Stone of the Week: EMERALD is a stone of patience and inspiration. It’s also known as the stone of successful love. The Emerald brings domestic harmony, bliss and enhances unity. In partnerships it promotes unconditional love and friends as well as balance. It eliminated negativity and brings in positive actions, raising consciousness. A stone of regeneration and recovery. The Emerald gives the strength to overcome obstacles and heal negative emotions. On a spiritual level, the Emerald enhances clarity, memory, inspires inner knowledge and promotes discernment and truth. Emeralds are beneficial in groups enhancing understanding and mutual cooperation. On a physical level, Emerald aids recovery after illness. Treats the sinuses, lungs, spine and muscles. Emerald also works with the eyes, improving vision. Emerald alleviated rheumatism and diabetes and is a powerful antidote for poisons. Wear Emerald as a ring on your little or ring finger or right arm or over your heart as it works well with the heart chakra, Emerald shouldn’t be worn everyday as it may trigger negative emotions.

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