The Simpler Life

My husband and I have moved many times over the course of our marriage (nearly 8 years), and each time we donate loads of stuff, and just trash a ton as well. Yet somehow, we still have a TON of stuff! Every time we move, I wonder, “Where did all of this stuff come from?!”

Well, we are now living in a 2 bedroom apartment, and we have stuff coming out of our ears. Every cabinet, drawer, and closet is packed to the gills, and I keep buying more plastic bins and drawers hoping to make it better, but it just doesn’t. Instead, all I’ve managed to do is create more space for us to stash more stuff. Sigh. Having so much crap really makes everything more difficult; moving, cleaning, relaxing because I feel like I should be cleaning something…
I went on Pinterest in search of a “declutter schedule” of sorts; I wanted one that was thorough, yet concise. I do not want this to be a six-month project! Finally, I found a 30-day schedule that’s exactly what I was looking for, and it’s cute too!
I will say that I haven’t followed the schedule exactly, and I certainly don’t work on it every day or in the exact order; however, each time I declutter an area, I check it off the list and feel quite proud that I just managed to clean out a junk drawer 😉
I went through the bathroom first, and I couldn’t believe how much stuff I threw out. Who needs 3 trial bottles of the same shampoo from a hotel we stayed at 4 years ago??? Not us, obviously, OR IT WOULD HAVE BEEN USED. Please excuse the caps; it seemed necessary to illustrate my confoundedness.
This past weekend, I overhauled my and my husband’s closet and drawers, and removed 5 GIANT TRASH BAGS’ WORTH OF CLOTHING. And our closet and drawers are still full! A lot of this is because we’ve both gained weight, lost weight, gained again, and are losing again, so we don’t want to have to purchase new clothes every time we revisit a size; however, I’m pretty sure that the pair of pants I’ve been hanging on to for 8 years aren’t even in style anymore, so, goodbye. 

I look forward to getting through the rest of the list and taking the first steps toward living a simpler life. I will keep you updated on our progress!