Friday Thoughts

  • Thank you so much for the supportive comments regarding my last post. It’s not easy to post such honest posts sometimes, but I’m glad I did – no regrets 😀
  • Marc & I have been freaking out over most recent power bills; they’ve been ridiculous, and we keep the a/c on about 78 most of the time! I get e-bills and have it on autopay, so I don’t normally examine my bill. I see the amount and that’s that, really. Well, today I actually went into our account and looked at the last couple of bills, and it turns out that our bills actually aren’t that bad; it’s way too complicated to type out (I barely understand it myself), but it has to do with our auto-pay date and the way the billing cycles fall. Basically, one bill shows 2 billing cycles, with 2 due dates. It’s weird.
  • I have no idea what to expect at my weigh in tomorrow. I kind of expect a gain since I’m on my period, but a lot of times when I’m expecting a gain I wind up losing. Soooo, we’ll just have to see. My eating hasn’t been terrible–not awesome, but not horrible either.
  • The house that we sold when we left Alabama 2 years ago is up for sale again. They listed it for about $20k more than it’s worth and the pictures are awful–the house looks dark, crowded, and half the pictures are blurry! I seriously considered contacting the realtor and being like, “What are you thinking?! Do you actually want to sell that house?!” It’s been listed for about a month; we had a fantastic realtor who had a professional photographer take the photos when we were selling, and we had an offer for the asking price in less than a week. Just sayin’… since I’m a real estate professional and all.
  • Marc and I have come to the conclusion that we are burnt out on parenting right now; it might sound bad, but it’s the truth, y’all. We’ve literally never had a night without the kids. That’s almost FOUR YEARS without a night to ourselves! Well, my dad and stepmom kept them overnight once, but we fed them dinner before we dropped them off, and picked them up after breakfast–I don’t really count that. It doesn’t help that our darling children have been especially trying as of late. We just need a break. Desperately. Marc’s parents live in Texas and just moved into their new house this week (they’ve been between houses for a while… sold their house 3 years ago to downsize and it sold much faster than they anticipated; broke ground on this house over a year ago and it’s finally finished); we’re already trying to see when they’ll be ready to host their sweet grandchildren for a week!
Have a great weekend!