Friday Thoughts

It’s Friday again! I’ve noticed that several other bloggers do sort of a random, bulleted post on Fridays; I did one a few weeks ago and enjoyed it, so I think I’m hopping on that train.

  • Even though it’s Father’s Day weekend, we don’t have anything special planned. I suppose I could always take the kids out and leave Marc alone, but considering that he gets at least 1-2 days every week totally kid-free due to his work schedule, I don’t feel any particular pressure to go that route. I think it’ll just be another average Sunday (not a bad thing for us!).
  • Ashleigh (whom I mentioned in this post) is not doing well. The cancer has spread to her liver, and I know she had a brain MRI on Tuesday to check for evidence of cancer and it was clear (thank God). I haven’t heard much else, but I’m certain that’s not a good sign. Thank you for all the sweet comments the last time I talked about her; please continue to keep her and her husband, and their two little boys in your thoughts and prayers. (Her blog: My Journey With Inflammatory Breast Cancer)
  • I have really been struggling these last few weeks with getting up to exercise in the mornings. I honestly do not know what my deal is–I just have to get tough with myself and make myself get out of bed. I’ve gotten to the point that I really do enjoy running, and other exercise, but it’s the whole getting up at 5:30 and getting out the door that I’m stuck on. I’ve thought about making a proper running schedule, that way if I don’t go run then I’ve actually skipped out on something that I scheduled–what do you think? Any other ideas or advice? Tough love is also welcome 🙂
  • I’ve been doing well with my June Goals. I’ve been excellent at staying within my PointsPlus for the week. Also, despite not getting up in the mornings to exercise, I’ve still managed to exercise at least 3x per week; running on Saturdays, and an at-home workout here and there. I’ve also managed to get to bed before 11 nearly every night; I didn’t last night because I started watching this season of Orange is the New Black (I’m so tired of Piper and Alex drama, btw) and I just kept letting Netflix play the next episode.
  • I’ve tried to be really open and honest about my journey at my WW meetings, because I know I appreciate hearing stories similar to mine and if hearing my story helps even one person who is struggling, then it’s worth baring my soul. Well, at my WW meeting last week, someone actually said that I inspired them. ME! She’d just reached her goal weight again, (she’s a longtime Lifetime member and came back to lose 30lbs she’d put back on), and the previous week I’d talked about how it took me a year to lose my first 30 lbs but I didn’t quit and I kept coming to the meetings because without them, I’m certain I would’ve gained another 30 lbs. She’d been trying to lose her last couple of pounds for several weeks, and she said the fact that I didn’t give up inspired her not to give up and to just power through it. And she did!
I just looked at my phone and I’ve taken 0 pictures this week, so I apologize for the lack of imagery. I hope you all have a great weekend!