Finding Balance between Life and Work

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” – Thomas Merton

Finding balance between your endeavors and your bread and butter can be a difficult process. Which one takes precedence? Personally, this is something I have been trying to balance for years. I found out the hard way, that foundation is extremely important when you are reaching for your dreams. With the failing economy, quitting your job to focus on your crocheting business may not be the best move. I’m not implying that you should give up on your dreams, but you definitely have to find balance. I’ve found that most people are unhappy in their current circumstances because they are convinced it’s incessant. This way thinking is bound to create feelings of boredom and discontentment. Ultimately, you will find yourself dreading the thought of pulling up in the parking lot. In this post I will outline some directives that will help you create a balanced life. How you Implement these steps is entirely up to you.

First, you must change the way you cogitate. Why condemn your future? Your present condition is only forever if you allow to be. Claim the life you want. Look at your current job as the foundation required to build the life you desire. Finding assuagement in the present will eventually aid in the manifestation of your success. Claim what you want! The key to your victory, is believing you’ve already achieved your goals. Your current job situation is an essential piece to your overall development. There is a lesson in everything. Use it as motivation. For instance, if there is a boss or colleague that represents challenge at work; use the adversity as a tool. The wisdom may be to learn how to better communicate with employees or clients. Cultivate the balance necessary to nurture the seeds of success. Remember, patience is required to grow the opportunities you’ve planted, so quietly attend to them. Have faith in your ability to create bliss in your life.

Never neglect your goals; distractions will hinder your progress. Stay focused. Your job children, money or any other outside influence is no excuse for complacency. I constantly hear people complain about their lives but do nothing to change their lifestyle. We all get tired and frustrated dealing with the woes of life. No one said it would be easy. If you want to succeed, you have to work toward it, asking the Universe for a gift is only part of the formula. The other part is being conscious enough to realize opportunity when it’s staring you in the face. You should be working on your goals at least three times a week. This may mean reading a book on the subject, attending classes or building relationships. Succumbing to laziness will prove to be cataclysm in the long run.

The last and most important piece is quieting your mind. Releasing your psyche from the pressures of your day is imperative. If you work in customer service as I do, it’s safe to say you deal with different innergies throughout the day. If you do not “clear”, you may be subjected to negative influences even as you rest. You should NEVER bring your work home with you (literally); leave it where it belongs, at work. You can do this by clearing your home with sage (sages leaves can be purchased at your local health food store). As rules of thumb, remember to open doors and windows-the smell and smoke can be invasive. Mediation is also an effective way to find balance in your day. Whether, you mediate in the morning or before you lay down to rest at night, the outcome is the same- you’re allowing silence to be a factor, thus rejuvenating your mind, body and soul. Understand your natural state of existence is peace. Without peace you are authoring stress and anxiety, eventually creating dis-ease in your body. If you are new at meditating there are several good guided meditating CD’s available that can help you with the transition to peace. Attunement may also be beneficial. Natural arts like, Reiki, Reflexology and other healing arts may aid in the balancing your body needs to sustain everyday life.

In closing, learn to use your current reality as a tool to aid in the manifestation of the life you dream of. Make your want a reality. This is your life, goals and ambitions; take control of them. No one can make the decision for you. Take the steps necessary to create the career/ life you want. Stand up for your dreams. Your more powerful than you think. Initiate the power within to promote and nurture your purpose in life. The power lies within you!