bookmark_borderFancy Jasper Bracelet – $11.97

Fancy Jasper


Fancy Jasper is a wonderful grounding stone that promotes relaxation, healing and gentle endings. Jasper is known for enhancing concentration and lessening distraction and enhances rational thinking. On spiritual level, it protects against psychic attack. It nourishes the mind, body, soul bring it back to balance.  On an emotional level, Jasper relieves stress and worries. Physically, it detoxes the blood, aids in digestion and proper circulation, as well as liver and gallbladder. In your environment it protects against electromagnetic smog.

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Sodalite brings inner peace. It unites logic with intuition and opens brings information from the higher mind to the physical level. Working with the third eye, Sodalite deepens meditation and understanding. A calming stone, Sodalite calms the mind and allows new information to be received. It brings harmony in groups, stimulating trust and compassion. It calms panic attacks, phobias, defensiveness and over sensitivity. It enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust. On a physical level, it balances the metabolism, cleanses the lymphatic system and organs, boosting the immune system. Sodalite cools fevers, lowers blood pressure. Its helpful with hoarseness and digestive disorders.

bookmark_borderTiger’s Eye Bracelet – $11.97

Tigers Eye


Tigers Eye is a powerful protective stone. that was traditionally used to guard against ill will and curses.  It assists in accomplishing goals,  reconizing inner resources and promoting intention. This is a great stone for those who are spaced and uncommitted. Physically, tigers eye anchors the body promoting change.  Emotionally, Tiger Eye balances the male female energies and alleviates depression and lifts moods. Mentally,  It aids in resolving inner conflict and dilemmas. It’s helpful in healing mental disease. Psychologically, Tigers Eye heals issues of self-worth, self criticism and blocked creativity. It helps one recognize their talents and abilities. Tigers Eye treats the eyes and aids in night vision. It also heals the throat, reproductive organs and is helpful in repairing bones.

bookmark_borderRose Quartz – $11.97

Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love and peace. It works directly with the heart chakra to teach the essence of true love. It opens the heart on all levels and brings deep inner healing and self-love. It is calming and excellent for use in crisis.  Rose Quartz attracts love if placed by the bed or relationship corner of the house. In existing relationships it will restore trust and bring harmony, encouraging unconditional love. Rose Quartz repels negative energy and replaces it with love and compassion. Emotionally, it helps to release unexpressed emotions and heartache. It teaches you how to love yourself. Physically, it strengthens the heart and circulatory system and purifies the blood. Rose Quartz aids in chest and lung problems and heals the kidneys, adrenals and vertigo.  Rose Quartz is said to increase fertility.  As an elixir, it soothes burns and is helpful in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia.

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Price: $10.00

Amazonite is a an extremely soothing stone. It calms the brain and nervous system and aligns the physical body, assisting in maintaining optimum health. It balances the masculine and feminine energies  and helps you see both sides of  a problem or different point of view. At an emotional, Amazonite soothes emotional trauma, assisting with worry and fear. It also, dispels negative energy and aggravation. On a physical level, it blocks electromagnetic  smog and microwave emanations. Amazonite heals and opens the throat and heart chakras to enhance compassionate communications. Its beneficial in osteoporosis, tooth decay, calcium deficiency and muscle spasms. As an elixir  it rectifies calcium deposits.

bookmark_borderBlack Obsidian Bracelet

Black Obsidian 


Black Obsidian forces one to stand in their true power, taking you deep into the subconscious mind in the process. It brings the hidden to the forefront making it possible to release imbalances. A powerful healer, Black Obsidian amplifies negative energies so it may be dispelled, in most cases working on imbalances for past lifes. It reverses previous misuse of power ands to wield power for the good of all. It reduces fantasies and escapism. A great protective stone, Black Obsidian repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts. On a physical level, guard against depression by enhancing self control.

bookmark_borderAmethyst Bracelet- $11.97

Price: $11.97

  Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone. It guards against psychic attack and blocks negative energies in the environment. Traditionally known as the “sober” stone, Amethyst prevents drunkenness, addictions and over indulgence. Great for meditation, Amethyst is calming  to the mind. It also enhances memory, improves motivation and facilitates the decision making process. On a spiritual level, working with the third eye, Amethyst opens wisdom, intuition, psychic gifts and encourages intuitive dreams. On a physical level, Amethyst brings restful sleep, cleanses the blood, relieves headaches, stress and reduces swelling.