Computer Monitor Mantras (+ Food Logs)

When I started on this journey of making peace with myself (and food), I felt there were a few things I needed to stay at the forefront of my mind. I thought, “Hey, I’ll type up these sayings and put them in a highly visible place,” and that place turned out to be my computer monitor at work. Considering I spend about 40 hours per week sitting in front of it, I thought that was a pretty good place. So I typed them up and cut them out, and taped them to my monitor.

Computer Monitor Mantras (+ Food Logs)

“My self esteem…” and “I am enough” came first; “What do I need…” came today, thanks to Michelle at Diary of Aspiring Loser Maintainer. Having these in face all day every day has really helped; when I’m feeling down or bingey, I look at these again and again, and it helps. Perhaps one day I won’t need the constant reminder that “I am enough,” and I’ll simply believe it because it’s true.

I’ve gotten somewhat behind on posting my food logs… Computer Monitor Mantras (+ Food Logs)

I gotta say, I was a little surprised that my roast beef sub from Subway ended up 10 points–I don’t even get cheese! I’m convinced it’s all in the bread, which is just ridiculous. Oh well; at least it was delicious!

And today’s log… Computer Monitor Mantras (+ Food Logs)

No activity today; my stomach was bothering me this morning and my knees were sore andfranklyijustdidnotfeellikerunning. It’s been a good week!