Coming off the high

Remember when I mentioned that I’ve been in a funk lately?

I think I’ve pinpointed the cause… and it’s that there is no cause.
Groundbreaking, eh?
I had a light bulb moment earlier today and it dawned on me that this “funk” is just a low point in the depressive cycle. It goes up and down, like a wave, but when you’ve been riding the high for a while, you can forget that eventually, you’ll come down.
As someone who deals with depression, who’s been actively making changes and working to overcome such things, you’d think I would have figured it out sooner. Ah well.
I don’t take any medication, so it’s possible I feel these highs and lows more strongly than someone who does take medication…though really, I have no idea. I just know that I’m sick and tired of it, and now that I’ve recognized the source, I know I need to work harder than ever to dig out of this slump.
Instead of waiting to just magically come out of the slump, I have to take action and do it myself. Basically, it’s time to bring out the big guns!
I need to fake it til I make it, and I need to focus on the positive.
I also would like to take a moment to acknowledge that I realize my posts have been somewhat lacking lately. Hoping to improve that now that I’ve figured out the problem!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I hope to see you bright and chipper on Monday (or as bright and chipper as one can be on a Monday…)!