Belated Weigh in (8/8) + Stress

It occurred to me a few days ago that I never posted my weigh-in from last week. (Scroll to the bottom if you don’t care to read about the rest of my week.)

It’s been a crazy, hectic, stressful week and I’ve had zero blogging energy. Having one car for a while meant that we were constantly running back and forth, shuffling plans and children around just to accommodate our needs. The kids were not in daycare this week because we thought we would find enough sitters in the area to help us out, but it didn’t happen; Marc has 4 aunts in town who don’t work, and we’d sent out an email a while ago asking if they could each help us out for one day. We got one response, and have been left scrambling to take care of children for the other days. Fortunately, Marc has some flexibility in his work schedule so it worked out–Marc’s grandparents even helped out for a few hours yesterday–but stressful, nonetheless (and a little disappointing that no one else could help us out.)

We also had all the car drama, which finally led to us taking out a car loan (ugh) and getting a 2007 Honda CR-V. CR-V’s are good cars, so we knew we wanted this one before we even looked at it; but when we saw it, it was a MESS. The dealer must have just gotten it because it was absolutely filthy on the inside; the windshield was cracked, one of the door lock buttons on the door didn’t work, and the A/C wasn’t very cold. I negotiated with the sales man while Marc herded our children; I told him either give it to me for a significant discount, or fix all the issues. After a somewhat heated exchange, he agreed to get all the issues fixed. I went back the next day (Tuesday) to pick it up, and it was about as perfect as an 8-year-old car can get (except the windshield guy’s coming to my office on Monday to replace the windshield).

So I’m driving around on Wednesday afternoon, and after about 5 minutes the A/C is still showing no sign of getting cold. In fact, it’s blowing straight up HOT air. It finally got cold when I was driving on the interstate, but every time I slowed down or stopped, it would get warm again. Not fun in this heat! So I called my sales man and asked if he could help me out, even though I did buy it “as is.” Fortunately, they said they’d take care of it AND give me a loaner car so I wouldn’t have to be further inconvenienced (the dealer’s about 25 minutes from our house, on the Westbank, and we have to drive through downtown New Orleans to get there, so it’s a pain to have to go there repeatedly). I drove the car back to the dealer this morning at 7am and got the loaner (a brand new trendy little thing), so hopefully it will be ready today–Marc’s going to have to drive the children to me, take the loaner to the dealer and pick up our car, and then go to work. Logistics!

Marc also took our other car (with the broken A/C) to a shop to see how much it would cost to actually fix it, and unfortunately it’s a $700 fix… so, we will continue with no A/C in that vehicle. Not worth it for a 16-year-old car that’s probably on its last leg anyway. (We still had to pay $140 to find that out, though!)

The money part’s been somewhat stressful; I hate that we had to take out a car loan, but we didn’t really see any other options. Marc’s parents are angels though, and called and said they wanted to advance us our Christmas money for 2015 and 2016 to help us out. With that money, we were able to fully fund our $1000 emergency fund, have enough for a small down payment on the new car, and do some other things that we’d been ignoring due to finances. Now we just have to remember that we’re not getting the money at Christmas this year and next 😀

Adding to craziness has been picking up the van from across town and paying $100 for that, and a “Smooth Start” session for the kids’ school where we got info on things like parent committees and fundraisers and the lunch program, etc (and dropping another $55).  Friday, I’m going to the kids’ orientation (alone, since we have no one else to stay with the kids so we both can go), and this weekend I have to run around like a crazy person and hopefully find the rest of their school supplies. School starts Tuesday!
So, how’s all of this been affecting my health?

Well, I wrote the post that I’ve been coping, not binging… and that’s still the case… BUT I haven’t been making the best choices either. It seems every day there’s something that throws me off. It just gets tiring, always having to be “on guard” and watching every little thing I put in my mouth. I’ve been craving fried chicken for forever, and I finally indulged last Saturday… and you’d better believe I ate the skin! It was soooo yummy. I ate fast food on Sunday and either Monday or Tuesday (and I did not make healthy choices), and Wednesday was a cookie baking contest at work and everyone’s cookies were amazing. The cookies are still here today, but I only had 1 each of my top 3 favorites (there were 9 different kinds!).

I went for a great run on Sunday, but I’ve had NO time to work out any other days this week, and it’s seriously making me cranky. Okay, so I probably could have worked out at 9:00 at night a few nights, but I’ve just been wanting to sleep. I just feel so blah. Last night, I really wanted to binge… on anything… but I also knew that I didn’t want to–so I got up and went to bed. I felt like that was a small victory, during this week that just has me feeling slightly battered and bruised.

So at last week’s weigh-in, I was up 1.6–expected, but still disappointing. This week I know is going to be a gain, but ya know, it’s a well-deserved one. It’s time for a good old fashioned kick in the pants! I have to stop wallowing acknowledge that I’m feeling stressed and saddened by the lack of local familial support, and that it’s okay to have these feelings! I also have to change how I handle those feelings; I know that exercise helps me cope with the stress, so it’s important for me to carve out the time to do it.

As a side note, I finally finished Geneen Roth’s Women, Food, and God last night. There’s a lot to process, and I need to go back through it and read over everything I underlined (which is probably 75% of the book) but I really want to write a good post about it soon. Something on one of the last pages really struck a chord with me; even though it’s something that we (in the healthy blog world) say all the time, I love the way she said it: