bookmark_borderIs Taking a Bath at Night Bad for Pregnant?

Taking a shower every single day is one of the most vital steps of everyone’s routine. It assists your body in removing dead skin cells and keeps it hygienic and clean. Using a soap or body wash is also advised for deep cleaning. It is also said to take a bath every single day, but as prescribed by some health experts, it is suggested not to take a shower every single day because it might disrupt the natural ph balance of your skin. This might cause unwanted skin issues and skin infections.

How to use skin and body products?

When you are a beginner in the field of consuming skincare and beauty products, then it becomes essential for you to try with soap, but when you use soap too often, then it might disturb the ph balance of your skin. So, applying a body wash is a much better and gentle option to go for — select body wash, which has fewer chemicals in it.

Tips to safely bath at night in your gestation period:

  • Use bathtub: Bathing with a bucket during pre4gency is a big no. Repetition of leaning and standing might disrupt with your water in the amniotic sac. Hence, bathing while relaxing and laying in a spacious bathtub is recommended.
  • Consider the temperature: You should be cautious while selecting the temperature of the water you are planning to use for bathing. It should neither be too hot nor too cold. It is suggested to the ladies to keep the water of the bathtub warm and cozy. It will help in relaxing your muscles, especially around your belly.
  • Use lesser chemicals: Avoid chemical-based products, especially if you are in your gestation period, the best body wash for pregnancy is baking soda and apple cider vinegar, that too, when any need have soap or face wash arises.

Types of skin textures: Generally, there are four major types of skin forms. These are well explained below.

  1. Oily: People with oily skin types face several problems as compared to people with other skin types. Their sebaceous glands, commonly known as oil glands, secrete much quantity of oil as compared to other people. their face becomes more prone
  2. Dry: People having dry skin problems have a low level of sebum secreted in their bodies. They face the problem of stretching in your skin by forming a white dry layer on it. Oil is the most needed ingredient in this case. Hence, it is suggested to use oily products more when you have a dry skin type.
  3. Normal: People having normal skin types do not face many issues while selecting beauty products. Normal skin means neither more oil nor more dryness is present in your skin. It is the most desired type of skin, and very few people got the benefits of having a normal skin type.
  4. Combination: Combination skin type refers to the oily texture on the T zone of your face but dry in other areas of the face. T zone refers to the area of the glabellas, i.e., the place between your eyebrows and the bridge of the nose forms the shape of the alphabet ‘T,’ hence named as T-zone.

The procedure of identifying your skin type includes the following steps:

  1. Wash your face: It is the very first step to follow before doing anything else. To remove all the excess makeup and dirt from your pores is essential to know your skin type properly.
  2. Dry your face: After cleaning all the dirt particles and makeup from your face, it is required to dab your face with a clean and soft towel to determine your skin type.
  3. Give it a few minutes: Before heading towards the next step, it is advised to wait for some time to let the ph balance of your skin to get balanced and come in its natural position.
  4. Dab it with a tissue: The next step to it is to cover it with a tissue paper for a few minutes and then to wipe it off. If it contains oil, then you either have a combination or an oily skin. Oily skin starts with a little greasiness on your nose and extends towards the bridge of your nose.
  5. Measure your pores: If the pores or follicles above your nose seem to be wide and enlarged, then it means you have oily skin. But if the pores are not visible, then you have dry skin. ]
  6. Smooth or not: If your skin around the cheeks feels smooth and soft, it is a sign of oily skin. Whereas a dry and harsh skin signifies, you have dry or normal skin.
  7. Advice from the dermatologist: Your doctor is your best friend. So, in case of confusion with your skin type, you can book an appointment with your personal skin expert, and he will recommend you some medicines to treat the condition of oily or excessively dry skin very soon.
  8. Apply suitable products: The last step to this procedure includes remedies of the above points. There are solutions available of every kind of skin type if one has not contended with his skin texture.

Why choose organic skincare products?

It has become a well-known fact that body products having harmful chemicals in it might be responsible for the formation of cancerous cells in your body by penetrating your skin. Substances such as parabens and sulfates damage your skin and body at extreme levels in the long run. The cancerous cells damage the healthy cells of your body and spread the formation of cancerous cells in the entire body. It is advised to carefully check the ingredients and composition of the beauty products on the back of its packaging before making a purchase. However, pregnant ladies are suggested to avoid using skin products having toxic products completely. They are recommended to apply only homemade or herbal products for a safer gestation period.

bookmark_borderWhen can a baby sleep with a pillow?

flat head

It is very much necessary for the parents to make their babies to sleep on the flat surface with free of blankets, pillows or other bedding surfaces until the age of 1, according to the American academy of the pediatrics safe sleeping guidelines for babies. The only thing which you need to provide to your baby is that simple fitted sheet in which still there is no need of celebrating your little one’s first birthday just purchasing the pillow and it is very much better to wait until your baby gets transitions to the toddler bed. Where this transition can happen between 18 months and 3 ½ years old of the baby and in which you need to follow this until your baby shows active interest in having the pillow for sleeping. When the time does comes to give your tot a pillow then just avoid the adult sized models tot pillows in favour of firm, small toddler pillow in which you also need to keep extra fabric out of the mix just by skipping the pillowcase.

Though these pillows are selling with the crib bedding items, pillows are not suggested for the children under the age of 2 where the kids that are little and they can easily feel comfortable. Actually, the middle age kids don’t require the pillows. Often many of the parents think that providing the pillow to baby provides the extra comfort, without realizing that their child will be good and fine without keeping these pillows. If you are willing to give a pillow to your baby, then you can give it when your child moves from crib to the bed. If you wish to give your baby a pillow while he/she is sleeping in the crib then ensure that the pillow is of firm and small.  Ensure that you stay away from the feather pillows that are too soft; this can set off allergies and can smoother your child head when it sinks into the pillow while the baby is sleeping.


The right age for baby can sleep with pillow          

  • Babies and adults are very different where this is because a pillow can block the baby’s mouth and nose and can cause a baby to be more comfortable and suffocate one, so it is very much necessary to select the best pillow for baby with flat head.
  • On average there are 32 infant deaths are happening on year due to the pillows used for the babies where this makes the baby head to be in improper position while sleeping. The majority of these infant deaths involves to the infants in their first three months of their life.
  • It is very much necessary for the parents to safely use the pillows for their children who are about 11/2 years old or at the same age at which the parents can safely move their children out of the crib and either into a mattress or onto the baby’s toddler bed which is on the floor.
  • When your sweet newborn crossed the walking or crawling stage of life then it seems that your baby has grown up and she/he is ready to sleep with blanket or pillow. It might seem like that you adding soft, fluffy accessories to their crib where this could make your baby to feel more comfortable while sleeping.
  • The truth is that your baby does not know what she/he is missing, though it is found to be scary to think about the blankets, pillows or other bedding items, it creates a potential for strangling or suffocation and this increases the risk for the baby and leads to sudden infant death syndrome.

The above are some of the reasons that explains there is no real reasons to add extra bedding to your baby’s crib, so when your make your baby to sleep on the pillow then ensure that you select the best pillow for baby with flat head only then your baby can sleep well without any pain and feels comfortable during his/her sleep. There are number of pillows are available in the market for babies where you need to check the material of the pillow in which it is made up of, when you select according to that then you can choose the best pillow for your baby to sleep well.