Addictions, War and Moving Fast

I’ve been watching the news and what I’m seeing is truly interesting.  In light of our current transits, I feel I must express the danger that could manifest. Currently, Venus is in Aries accompanied by Uranus and Eris. This week she’s been fighting with Mars in Virgo retrograde, which is affecting Mercury in Pisces. We all know Neptune made it home to Pisces on the 3rd, so needless to say there has been lots of news about drugs, water, suicide and sadly murder.  Be very careful folks. Venus is the war goddess of love right now (until March 6th).  She wants what she wants and she’s not afraid to take it. People are aggressive.  Especially while traveling  (Mercury, Venus, Uranus).  Most are driving fast (Uranus) and want to own the road way (Venus) and if you don’t get out of their way, there will be a price to pay (Eris).  Since Mars is retrograde he’s not really acting but he has a plan (he’s constantly revising it but there is a plan). With  Mars answering to Mercury he’s beating up on himself pretty bad at the moment and is VERY emotional and  sensitive to criticism.  Accidents with weapons (Mars) are prominent as well.  There are a couple of ways that I am seeing this manifest.  Either people are  indulging in their addictions (drugs, alcohol, or food especially with Jupiter in Taurus), suicide or their taking it out on other people.  I’ve also been noticing accidents involving driving drunk, falling, avalanches and drowning (Neptune in Pisces). With Uranus in play things are happening before your eyes.

Saturn is retrograde in Libra, therefore karma is a bitch at this time. Most likely with who or what you’re partnering with. Remember we all have to pay a price for our actions, whether good or not so nice. Karma isn’t always an adversity but you must be mindful of how you play in the world. Watch your temper while driving. Especially at night, since Neptune in Pisces doesn’t see well in the dark.  Be kind to others because you may piss them off and they may not let you slide this time. Love the one your with this week, Mars and Venus is fighting like cats and dogs and Venus is pulling no punches.  Mars wants to fight back but he’s not expressing himself very well (he answering to Mercury in Pisces).  Pay attention to WHO  or WHAT Venus and Mars represents in your chart. In closing, Be kind to yourself and others AND slow the hell down!