7 SimpleTips for Rasing your Vibration

If your anything like me you’re more comfortable in your space. Being HOME supplies a level of comfort no other place can. It’s the one place you feel safe from the outside world. BUT how energetically sound is your home?  Some are of the belief peace is a comfort that only applies to you internally–I beg to differ.  I’ve found, if there is chaos in your living environment, it absolutely will impact you negatively.  Keep in mind, we exchange energy constantly. In some cases, there are those who literally suck the life force out of you.  Furthermore, the transference doesn’t stop once you physically separate…it follows you home.

I am extremely sensitive to others people’s energy. Usually, I’m impacted positively. However, there are other times I become nauseated and light-headed.  Since, I’ve fully accepted working with others, I’ve had to take precautions to protect myself and the ones I love.   With Neptune returning home to Pisces, several of my students and clients have been noticing an increase in environmental emotion. It was to be expected but how do you balance it?  Let’s take a look…

  • Sage: is an awesome tool that assists in reducing and eliminating unwanted energy in the home. It’s scent can be overbearing, therefore opening a window is strongly advised. The trick to using sage is affirming what you want. Yes, burning it will clear whatever is there out but you must know why you’re using it. I reserve sage for the pesky energy that doesn’t want to leave. As I burn it, I chant or speak to the energy. I make sure to get all corners and behind doors (energy hides sometimes). The only caution I have is sage removes everything. Including the good stuff.
  •  Stones: there are several stones that are great for protection. Stones like, Black ObsidianAmethyst, Onxy, Smoky Quartz or Black Tourmaline not only protect against psychic attack they also protect you from the environment. Stones can be worn or placed in the home. In the home and office they protect from radiation. We are a technology driven society.  Think of all the gadgets you have in your home, purse or car. Technology is everywhere.  These devices emit electromagnetic smog that can be harmful the your bodies.  It’s important to balance your exposure. In my experience Aragonite is a very powerful stone.
  •  Meditation: is essential to creating a wholistic body.  Consistently giving your body permission to restore  adds years to your life.  You’ll also raise your frequency, thus strengthening your body’s natural defense mechanisms. You’ll notice less colds, emotional outburst and more physical stamina. A common misconception is one needs to take to meditating like a Tibetan monk. This is not so. The best advise I have is meet your body where it is. There are several guided meditations there are simple, clear and just as powerful. The most important tool is to breathe. If you can’t quite your mind, give it some thing to do–count your breaths.
  • Washes: I mentioned above that sage, although thorough dismisses everything. An alternative to sage is a protective wash. You can use many herbs to create a very effective wash. Personally, I enjoy using basil. It smells good. It’s readily available and it something that you can cook with.  Cinnamon, clover and rosemary are wonderful options too. Washes are easy to make. All you need is a pot (something clay or ceramic if possible), water, and the herb of your choice. Either boiling or seeping works. Floor Washes can be executed the same manor. I’ve found saying a simple but effective prayer, affirmation or playing relaxing music helps increase your responsiveness.
  • Exercise: helps your body release toxins and adds vitality. Committing to a daily work out regimen will not only assist you in shedding the pounds but will also boost  your immune system. The method isn’t important all that matters is you do it!
  • Affirming: may sound silly to some. The idea that one “tricks” themselves into believing I guess would make me chuckle too. The fact of the matter is…It works! Having faith can heal the sick, make the poor wealthy and assist  into climbing the highest mountain. Claiming your expressions brings about powerful conclusions. After an long day, quietly affirming “nothing comes with me” before I enter my home makes me feel mighty. It gives me a chance to leave my worries and adversities behind and reclaim my personal power. Try it and tell me what you think.
  • Baths: This is my FAVOURITE part of this article–the baths. Just the thought of it makes me want take a break. As you can see I love baths! Theres nothing better than taking a nice hot bath after a long day. It certainly has its benefits: relaxing, connects you with your water center (important for womb-man) and detoxifies. Sea Salt baths raises your pH, detoxifies your skin and raises your vibration. I recommend taking a salt bath weekly.

In closing, I must stress NOTHING can hurt you. We all have the ability to live above our current reality. You can live in the world without being of it. Take the steps towards regularly Loving Yourself. Apply one of the above techniques the next time you feel out of sorts. Give it chance. What do you have to lose?