bookmark_borderFinding Your Way During Mercury Retrograde

Generally, Mercury is responsible for meeting our communication; travel needs and is also in control of our siblings and neighbors. On a deeper level, Mercury represents our perception of the world around us−our intelligence. How we listen, observe, speak and ultimately retain information.

Mercury will be in retrograde March 12th- April 4th, in the fiery and direct sign of Aries. Although, Mercury only goes retrograde three or four times a year, when he does there’s usually trouble with speech, listening, travel delays; siblings, issues with buying and selling, negotiations, mail and technology.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term retrograde, it simply means the planet is moving slower than those around it giving the impression that the planet is moving backwards. Confused…? Let me put it in better perceptive, a planet in a retrograde position gives us an opportunity to examine the characteristics of that planet in-ternally.

Mercury in Aries is direct and to the point. You may find that your communications with others may be abrupt. Mainly, because Mercury in Aries tells you EXACTLY how he feels.  What I usually see manifest under this influence is people speaking before they think. Which means if not balanced you may be eating crow or revisiting that situation.

On the upside, retrograde periods give you an opportunity to revisit and reorganize. Self- reflection is greatly encouraged while Mercury is in retrograde. Old projects and plans may also get the boost they need during this time.

Tips for Working with Mercury Retrograde

Personally, Mercury is retrograde in my natal birth chart, so working with Mercury during his retrograde period actually works for me.  My thoughts are clearer and I’m able to communicate more effectively. However, for a large majority of the world this may not be the case. If your astrological sign is Gemini or you have a strong Mercury in your chart this influence may affect you directly. If you’re unsure of your placements you can visit to obtain a free birth chart (you’ll need your birth day, time and location).  Or you may  contactme for a Free 15 Minute Wellness Consultation.

Physically, Mercury rules the nervous system, the two halves of the brain and those parts of our body that function involuntarily (lungs, kidneys, etc). Since, Mercury is reflective, he usually talks to himself, especially since his words aren’t articulating. Nervousness and anxiety may be an issue, resulting in trouble breathing. Remember, Mercury retrograde rambles and in most cases forgets to breathe. For my clients who have Gemini in their house of health, I usually recommend yoga, meditation and breath work. In my experiences these techniques help quiet the mind and ease the breathing. If you’re a novice to meditation there are some great guided meditations available online.

Here are more  tips for working with Mercury in retrograde:

Watch what you say: People tend ramble, jumble their words and  say things they don’t mean while Mercury is in retrograde. It’s important to know most communications are revisited under a retrograde period, so think things through before you allow them to come out of your mouth.

Take Extra Time when Traveling: As I’ve expressed earlier, Mercury rules transportation, therefore there are usually more accidents, travel delays and  issues getting there on time. Be patient. Plan ahead so that you can make the best out of your day.

Don’t sign Any Agreements:  Remember, Mercury is a trickster who leaves out the details, so you must be VERY careful when signing agreements. You may not see the fine print, which may get you in lots of trouble in the future.

Back up your computer:  Computers are known to crash while Mercury is in retrograde, so back them up! Also, if writing is a part of your job or hobby saving your document while writing may be a good idea.

Be Careful:  As mentioned before, Mercury rules traveling on foot, car, planes etc. Be sure to watch your step. Tripping, bumping your legs, arms or dropping things is prominent during this period.

Clear your Mind:  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed during retrograde periods. Taking time to reflect and self assess may be the key to unlocking your confusion. Meditation is a wonderful tool that gives you the opportunity to sit with your inner self and seek your peace.  There are also crystals such as, Amethyst and Soladite that may be helpful with meditation and mindfulness.

There are many ways to make Mercury work for you during his retrograde. Be patient and mindful and I promise you’ll be fine!