bookmark_borderWOW!!! 30 Minute Wholistic Wellness Session for $49.95?!?

The shifts in the heavens have caused significant confusion here on Earth, yet there is hope.  The veil of illusion that once concealed the truth has been lifted.  We are able to confront the fallacies that have constructed our false belief systems. These shifts have asked us to restructure our lives on a higher physical, emotional and spiritual level which will enable us to have a more profound connection with the Earth and Mother Universe.

Universal Inner-G is a love connection that centers our being and emits vibrational frequencies to those we come in contact with, ultimately, aiding in restoration and wholeness of their energy sources. The act of balancing your total body is essential for your personal and professional growth as well as the development of the Community. Jump-start your journey of restoring the cosmic balance in your life and returning to your authentic nature of living by answering the following questions:

  • Am I struggling with addictions in my life (food, drugs, sex)?
  • Am I suffering from unexplained dis-ease in my body?
  • Do I have weight that I can’t seem to get rid of?
  • Do I feel sluggish?
  • Am I living and walking in my purpose?
  • Do I have a tendency to live in the past?
  • Am I depressed or stressed out?
  • Are my relationships healthy or toxic?
  • Am I accepting and receiving the abundance the Universe has in store for me?

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above questions enroll now to take advantage of this week’s special of $49.95 for a 30-minute consultation that will unlock your true potential and change your life forever!

To enroll for your 30-minute consultation please call me directly at (253) 230-0117 or visit and schedule an appointment.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Love and Peace,

Christy Lynn Abram