bookmark_borderUsing Holistic Healing to Restore Vitality

We’ve all experience the ups and downs of life—some more than others. Hopefully, at some point, we get tired of trying to make sense of it all and seek alternative measures. The reality of rising cost of healthcare, has forced us to take responsibility for our wellness. What hinders us is our conventional way of thinking—we don’t understand the power we possess internally.  Instead of reaching inward for absolution we put our trust in external forces.  Some of us use drugs, sex, mental withdrawal and other forms of escapism to put a Band-Aid over the bullet wound.  Allowing low innergies like: stress, depression, envy, fear and lack of confidence to rule our daily existence.  Participating in the building of low innergies does nothing but lead you to an inevitable suicide. How do you feel daily? Is it hard for you to get up in the morning?  Are you weak and irritated?  Have you gained weight and can’t seem to get rid of it?  Before you run to the local drug store looking for answers, turn inward to search for the solution. What is going on in your life? Most importantly, are you creating it?

Our bodies are more intelligent than we think. When we are off balance our bodies tell us what to do. The problem is most if us ignore ourselves. Mostly, out of lack of education. Plain and simple—we don’t know how our bodies work. Pay attention to your discomfort. Ask yourself questions like: When am I affected the most? What is going on in my environment? When did I start having symptoms?  Our body is like a sponge–it absorbs everything. That’s why it is necessary to clear your body from toxins and other unhealthy materials.  There are many healing therapies that can aid in the restoration of you health. Healing methods like Energy work (Reiki, Chi-Qi-Ki, Chakra Balancing), Bodywork (Reflexology, acupuncture), Herbal Healing (Ayurveda) and tons of others. The following are other methods you can use to began you holistic journey:


The foods that you eat also play a big part in your health. Foods high in sugars and carbohydrates can produce low innergies in your body. Meats high in fat or toxins can make you feel sluggish and heavy. The utensils you use to prepare your food may also be a factor. Pots and pans made with lead based materials fuse with your food contaminating striping your food of its nutrients.  Implementing small changes like using clay, glass or cast iron pots can make a tremendous difference in your energy.


Daily exercise is also essential. Exercises like Tai Chi and Yoga give your body the balance and vitality to operate at the maximum of your abilities. When your body is full of toxins, stress, and unhealthy amounts of fat you are creating pathway to discomfort, self-esteem issues and obesity. Thus, increasing your chances of manifesting dis-ease in your body. Exercise gives your body the strength it need to help fight off impurities.

Natural Cleansing

Masking your body’s natural cleansing mechanisms based on convenience will only hurt you in the long run.  Little nuances as runny noses and sore throats are your bodies’ way of cleansing. When you take medications to stop the symptoms you’re prohibiting your body from excretion of harmful toxins. Rely on natural remedies such as ginger, garlic and herbal teas to provide comfort.

The Earth has blessed you with natural tools—including your own personal power to heal yourself and others. I assure you once you have a clear understanding of your body—healing it will come natural. Take responsibility for your own health.  After all who knows you better than you?