10K Training Tuesday – Week 3

10K Training Tuesday

Here we are, 3 weeks into training for my first 10K! Last week was definitely better than the previous week:

Monday: Nothing; I had good intentions, but it just didn’t happen.
Tuesday: 25 minutes with 1.5:1 intervals; 15:52 overall pace
Wednesday: 20 minutes speed work (run fast 20 seconds, walk 1 minute); 13:55 overall pace
Thursday: 30 minute walk with Marc
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: 30 minute bike ride
Sunday: 4 mile run, 2:1 intervals; 15:44 overall pace

One thing I’m learning is that I’m a lot slower in the morning! My first week of speed work I did in the morning, and I was super sluggish; my overall pace was around 17 minutes. Last week, I did it after work, and I felt so much lighter–springy, even!

The 4 miles on Sunday was the farthest I’ve ever run at once; I really need to start incorporating more strength training, because legs were exhausted. I also have to hydrate better; I’ve been terrible at drinking water for the last couple of weeks and I’m sure that contributed to the leg fatigue.

I also think I pulled a hamstring or something, because the back of my left thigh is SO sore. It hurts to sit down too long at work. I rested yesterday to give it a chance to heal, which helped a ton, and it feels much better today.

Any tips or suggestions for me? Do you notice you run slower/faster at different times of day?