I find it extremely helpful to mark milestones and set real, achievable goals. I'll update this page as I decide on new goals and/or change existing ones.

272.4 (10 pounds): New Haircut 8/30/14
257.4 - 25 pounds down: mani/pedi (haven't had a manicure in YEARS) 5/23/15
254.4 (28 pounds) - 10% Goal! 6/6/15
245 (37 pounds): lowest weight post-2nd baby 8/22/15
240 (42.4 pounds) - 15%! 10/10/15
232.4 - 50 pounds down: probably some new clothes, or a nice (not Target) purse? 1/9/16
226 - 20%!
223 (59 pounds) - lowest weight post-1st baby, and lowest weight in recent memory
<223 - Uncharted territory since 2006. Will revisit as it gets closer.

Daily Living-Related
Run a mile without stopping
Run for 30 minutes without stopping
Take the stairs at work at least 3x/week (I work on the 5th floor)
Clean kitchen and tidy living room every night
Vacuum 3x/week (we have a cat... and toddlers)

Any other ideas for goals or rewards?

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