Monday, January 11, 2016

Weigh In (1/9) + What I've Learned (so far)

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you already know my weigh in results...

I am officially 50 pounds down! *cue Hallelujah chorus*

I was literally holding my breath as I stepped on the scale at my WW meeting on Saturday (then released it when I realized it might cause me to be a few ounces heavier). Our receptionists have really excellent poker faces, so I really had no idea what to expect; in my head, I was screaming, "Come on, woman! I NEED to know the results!" However, on the outside, I was maintaining perfect composure, though I may have been staring at her a bit harder than usual. Finally, she said, "I think you'll be pleased with this," and I all but shouted, "Did I hit 50 pounds?????!?!??!?!??" It took her a minute to get to the screen I guess, and after what felt like an eternity, she said YES!

Whenever we hit a milestone, we're asked to share what we've learned on our journey so far. I was almost in shock, because I couldn't believe that I was finally doing this; I was holding back tears, but successfully managed to regain my composure enough to speak.

I've learned that this is my journey. No two weight loss journeys are alike; we talk about it all the time in our meetings (and in blog land), how Weight Watchers provides the framework but it's up to each of us to make it our own (and that goes for all weight loss methods, not just WW!). I have lost 50 pounds, and I haven't been forced to give up a single thing. I also almost always use all the points given to me, which has been a huge part of my not giving anything up. If I want something, I can fit it into my plan. When there's a will, there's a way, amiright?

I've learned that healthier foods truly do make me feel better. When go out to eat, I no longer automatically choose the unhealthy foods simply because we're eating out. More often than not, I choose a soup and/or salad, and then eat less than half of my entree (or share with Marc). A while back, I got the thin fried catfish platter with french fries that I always LOVED at a local restaurant, and you know what? I felt so nauseous afterward, so yucky, that I really have no desire to get a whole meal like that again. The next time we went, I got a cup of gumbo, and then ate maybe half a piece of fish off of Marc's plate, with a few fries (they're tossed in garlic butter--so delicious) and I was completely satisfied.

But it's okay to indulge in not-so-healthy choices too! I have no problem enjoying something that's less than healthy, as long as it's something I truly want. For example, I'd been craving nachos for a while, and finally satisfied that craving on Saturday at Felipe's Taqueria--tortilla chips slathered in cheese, beans, al pastor, guacamole and pico de gallo. I'm not ashamed to say I finished off nearly the entire plate! Balance is important--I figure that as long as I'm making more healthy choices than unhealthy choices, I'm on the right track.

It's going to take as long as it takes. This is probably the single most game-changing thing I've learned on this leg of my journey. It's taken longer than I initially would have liked to get to this point in my journey (20 months, to be exact), but I know, without a doubt, that this weight is never coming back.* I'm losing the weight in way that's sustainable for the long term; I've changed my lifestyle, slowly, and I haven't given up a single thing. There's nothing that I've eliminated from my diet that I'll want to add back later on. It's not a comparison game; shoot, if I was comparing my weight loss rate to others (1 woman in my meeting has lost 92 pounds since May!), I would have given up a long time ago! I've changed my eating habits, my activity habits, and I've changed my entire way of thinking. I'm more or less at the halfway point of my journey, and I'm looking forward to finding out what the second half has in store for me.


*Don't worry, I'm not so naive to think that I'll never regain any weight. I read enough blogs to realize that it's certainly a possibility! However, I'm confident that if/when it does happen, I'll be able to nip it in the bud before it gets too out of control.

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