Monday, January 4, 2016

Weigh In (1/2) + Let's do this!

First weigh in of 2016 is in the books...

I'm quite pleased with this weigh in, though I'm not entirely sure how it happened since I most definitely ate a lot of junk last week. I wasn't horribly off the rails, but I certainly wasn't watching my food intake like I should have been. Either way, I'll take it!

I did not make my goal of 50 pounds lost by this weigh in (though of course I'm now thinking, "If only I'd been more on plan with my eating I probably would have made it!), but I'm damn close! Just .6 away from it... I did my best (mostly), and I'm happy with this outcome.

Let's revisit my goals for December, shall we?

End December weighing less than I started it! DONE! I was 235.4 at my weigh in on 12/4. Sweet!

Make a plan for "problem" days and stick to it. DONE! 

Track, track, track! DONE! I consistently tracked in My Fitness Pal (add me! I'm steeners), and tracked semi-consistently in WW. 

Enjoy the holiday season and don't stress; remember why we celebrate. DONE DONE DONE!

I think these goals have been some of my favorites, by far. Yes, I actually met them all, but more than that, they were challenging yet easily attainable. There was no "do this every day" expectation, therefore, no sense of failure if I missed a day. I haven't given much thought yet to my goals for January, but I'm planning to have them up by tomorrow or Wednesday.

In other news, Marc and I used our Christmas money (gifts + bonuses + gift cards) to purchase new bikes for ourselves! I'd been searching for a while for the perfect bike--I wanted cruiser-style, but with multiple speeds and handle brakes. Oh, and "reasonably priced". I finally found what I was looking for at Target:
I LOVE IT! Marc got the men's version, which is black with brown accents (and doesn't have a basket on the front--plus it was on clearance for $125!) My only complaint so far is the seat; it's pretty uncomfortable, especially for my voluptuous derriere. Most cruisers have a nice wide, padded seat; this one is very narrow and not cushioned at all. Not a huge deal though, as it can be replaced. 

We also purchased a bike rack, helmets, and other random items. Oh, and we got a bike trailer for the kids! They got bicycles for Christmas, but we still wanted a trailer so we could go on longer rides as a family. We took them on their first ride on Saturday, and they loved it!

It's finally winter here (high temps are in the 50's!), so we snuggled them in with a blanket. The trailer also as a netted cover (to keep bugs/debris out) and a rain cover that zip on. We ended up using the rain cover because it started raining while we were eating dinner (which also made the temperature drop quite a bit!).  We rode to Parkway Bakery for po' boys and gumbo (yum!) and parked under the covered patio to keep our gear out of the rain.

The first few days of 2016 have been pretty great. I'm looking forward to finding out what the rest of this year has in store! 

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