Thursday, December 3, 2015

Game Changing Flavors {Sponsored}

Let's talk, not those nuts! I'm pretty sure we all know the health benefits of nuts in general... they're filling, satisfying, and provide good, healthy fat--and almonds are considered healthier in general because they're lower in fat than other nut varieties. But what happens if you don't particularly like nuts? Nothing's worse than trying to choke down bland, tasteless food for the sake of being healthy!

Well, my friends, this is where Blue Diamond comes to the rescue.  They have created some truly fantastic flavors of almonds, ranging from sweet to savory. Blue Diamond recently sent me two of their bolder flavors to try, and while they're both amazing, my favorite is the Smokehouse flavor. I love barbecue potato chips, and when I'm craving that smokey, barbecue flavor, I imagine that these almonds would be a perfect substitute.

With the end of football season drawing near, there are a couple of big games coming up--which means a couple of football gatherings are in my future! As a busy working mom with 2 little ones, I don't have a whole lot of time to put together overly complicated snacks to bring to these parties. That's where Blue Diamond comes in--toss these almonds in with some party mix (I think both flavors would work well, but the Smokehouse flavor is particularly delicious!), and voila! A yummy, satisfying snack to munch on at any gathering!

Have you tried Blue Diamond almonds? What's your flavor of choice?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. Ditch the chips and grab some Game Changing Flavors this football season! Enter for a chance to win the Ultimate Football Party Prize Pack, get great savings and ideas for delicious snack hacks at

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