Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December Goals

Well, it's December... another month, a BIG month at that, which means it's time to set some goals. Last year, I simply wanted to maintain my weight through the month... however, I really think I can set the bar a little higher and aim to lose weight this month.

Back in October, I laid out these goals for myself, with the ultimate goal of being 229.8 by the first January weigh in. I seriously doubt this will happen now, but I'm not going to let that derail me. This is why I generally avoid setting time goals for myself; in the past, if I thought I wasn't going to meet a time weight goal, I would just give up completely and promise to get back on track at a later date. (Of course, that rarely happened and I'd wind up off the rails for months at a time.)

This time, however, I'm different. I might not make my goal of 229.8 by January 2, but I can certainly do my very best no matter the outcome on the scale. I do believe I can at least reach 50 lbs lost by that date, so I'm updating my goal weight for January 2 to 232.4. That's the beautiful thing about personal goals; they are not set in stone and can always be modified. 

My goals for this month include... 

End December weighing less than I started it! I know I can do this--I just have to stay focused.

Make a plan for "problem" days and stick to it. I have work parties on December 15 and December 21; then Christmas Eve and Day to deal with. Other than those 4 days, the rest of the month should be fairly routine. I will treat those days as I did Thanksgiving--exercising, eating only what I truly enjoy, etc.--there's no reason why those few days should derail my entire plan for the month! 

Track, track, track! I've been diligently tracking in My Fitness Pal for 2 weeks now; I also want to track my WW points, just to see how they compare, but I haven't actually managed to do that part yet.

Enjoy the holiday season and don't stress; remember why we celebrate. Easier said than done, amiright? I don't want to work myself into a stressed out, frenzied mess over food or finances or logistics or any of that--that's not what Christmas is about! I want to relax and focus on what's truly important. 

What are your goals this December?

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