Monday, November 2, 2015

Non-Weigh In + Weekend Recap

Well, my weight loss break is officially OVER. I purposely waited til after Halloween, because, well, Halloween. I had many more treats than I'd intended, but it's over and I'm back at it starting today.

I may not have weighed in on Saturday, but I still went to my Weight Watchers meeting. It was all about making your world plan-friendly, which I really needed to hear. I always feel wonderfully recharged after each meeting... that's why I've never missed a meeting. I couldn't go to my usual 8am meeting because of the Jazz 5K (which I will recap later), so I made sure to get to the 9:30 meeting. 

So, how am I going to make my world more plan friendly this week? By getting rid of all the leftover Halloween candy, of course! I was going to toss it in the trash, but my husband's going to take it to work. (We have 4 bags leftover--we did a trunk for the kids' school Trunk or Treat, and a grocery bag full of candy was left in the closet at home.)

R2D2 and Princess Leia hanging out in our trunk

Saturday morning, we ran the Jazz 5K with the kids--we had a bit of a rocky start, but ended up having a great time! I will definitely go more into detail when I post the recap. 

Following the race, we ran home (pun not intended) to shower and rest a bit before heading to a birthday party. It was super fun, and the first time Marc went to a birthday party with me. Several other dads were there, and I wanted him to have the opportunity to meet some other dads from the kids' school. Later, we went a "Fall Festival" that we'd been invited to; it was raining Saturday evening, so most Halloween festivities were moved to Friday night. The Fall Festival was one of the few indoor things to do on Saturday.

Yesterday was pretty low-key; got up, got donuts, and went to Mass. Karinne went to children's church for the first time; she had a good time! I was worried she wouldn't go; new social situations where she doesn't really know anyone tend to overwhelm her, but she did really really well. It probably helped that there weren't a ton of kids; children's church is just Pre-K through 2nd grade, and they only have it during one Sunday Mass (out of 3). It definitely made it easier to deal with just Ryan through the service (though he was particularly obstinate and we kept having to take him outside).

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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