Thursday, November 5, 2015

Frugal Fall Fun in (Mid-City) New Orleans

It's finally starting to feel a little like fall in New Orleans--this week's high temperatures are all in the 70's (yes, it's really November). This is the kind of weather where the last thing I want to do is stay inside all day!

We've been trying to really cut back on our spending lately; Marc took a slight pay cut when he accepted his new job (will get a raise after a 90 day probationary period), and we acquired a car payment (grrrr!) when the transmission on our van went out--so things are little tight (tighter than normal) for the next couple of months. That being said, I've been trying to come up with some ways for us to have fun as a family without breaking the bank... basically, I need a pool of ideas to draw from when we're sitting around doing nothing!

We live in a great location in New Orleans--we live in the Mid-City area of town, and we are walking distance to the Mid-City Library, City Park, lots of local shops and restaurants--all within a few blocks! There's also no shortage of festivals going on around the city, most of which are free.

Some of the ideas I've come up with for the upcoming weekend...
  • Go to City Park and play on the playground, feed the ducks, and get beignets at Morning Call. New Orleans' City Park is one of the oldest and largest urban parks in the US, and it's also home to the oldest live oaks in the world, dating back something like 800 years! 

  • Walk to the library and pick out some new books or a movie
  • Be explorers in our own neighborhood
Took this before Halloween; love these grand houses!
  • Check out the New Orleans Book Fest this Saturday - held at City Park next to Big Lake
  • Pack a lunch and visit the zoo, insectarium or aquarium (we have an Audubon family membership--one of Karinne's birthday presents every year from Marc's parents). I'm pretty sure we'd still get it even if it wasn't gifted to us every year--we use the heck out of that membership!
  • Walk around the French Quarter and check out all the different street performers around Jackson Square. This never gets old!
  • Visit the bookshop around the corner from our house--there's always something fun happening there! It's very geeky and kid-friendly, just how we like it :) They have regular board game nights, events like "Dungeons & Dating" (yep, a bunch of singles go and play D&D), and it's locally- & woman-owned, so of course we have to support it! 
As you can see, we're pretty low-key and don't require much to keep us entertained. I think our favorite thing is to go to the park and read while the kids play! (Pro tip: Stick to the fenced-in playgrounds so the kids require minimal supervision!)

What frugal activities do you like to do in your city?

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