Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Weigh In Wednesday... Minus the Weigh In

Last time we spoke, I said I wasn't going to weigh in on Saturday... well, I didn't, and it was GLORIOUS.

Aside from, well, not weighing in, I discovered a multitude of benefits to not weighing in... 
  • I wore jeans to my meeting
  • It didn't matter what I ate Friday night
  • I ate breakfast before weighing in
  • I could run before my meeting (except I didn't wake up in time... story of my life)
Now, I'm generally a huge proponent of hiking up your big girl panties and just facing the scale... except where your mental health is concerned. Taking this time off from weighing, from tracking, has made me realize that I've started doing a lot of "tips and tricks" and cheats to try to get a lower number on the scale. That's no bueno. 

I still haven't binged--at all--but I have been making more of an effort to eat intuitively. Once I get past the Jazz 5k on Saturday, I think I'll get back to my regular routine of tracking; but this break was obviously much-needed. 

As I have learned, and so many of you wonderful folks have reminded me, we all need a break sometimes

Oh, and speaking of the 5K... It turns out I may be doing it alone. We can't get a sitter (start time is 7am, I can't blame anyone for not wanting to get up that early); we also don't have a double jogging stroller, though a friend of mine offered her double that she used through 5 weeks of C25K. Also, there's currently 100% chance of rain on Saturday... there's no way I'm dragging the kids (or a borrowed stroller) out in that! There's also the small issue of my husband not having run in over a month and thus not being prepared to run a 5k just yet.

I'm disappointed because I really didn't want to do my first 5K by myself--I love the idea of Marc & I crossing the finish line together! Beyond the first one, I won't care so much. There's a 5K on November 14, the YMCA Corporate Cup Second Line for Literacy, that may be a better option--it's a family event, and they have a free childcare area! I'm not saying I'm dropping out of the Jazz 5k yet, but it's looking more and more appealing.

Linking up with Winter for Weigh In Wednesday!

EDIT: I updated my Measurements page!

What say you? Put off my first 5K until November 14, or suck it up and run the Jazz by myself? Have you ever taken a purposeful "weight loss" break?

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