Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Weigh In Wednesday

Well, hey there... how are ya?

I've been feeling uninspired... and busy, and exhausted... so I apologize for not checking in more throughout the last week. Since I didn't post about my weigh in on Monday like I normally do, I thought I'd wait until today to post it.

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I was up .4 this week--and I am completely unbothered by it. I mean, really truly unbothered--I'm happy with what I've been doing! I know it's just my body's normal fluctuations, and I've learned to stop trying to predict how my weigh-ins will go every week. I am most certainly, definitely, worth so much more than that scale may indicate!

I went clothes shopping on Sunday; I went to Old Navy purely to find uniform pants for Ryan, but I wound up buying something for myself too, in a plain old regular XL! You may recall my last trip to Old Navy (this one too) was quite frustrating, but this one was perfect (aside from the ridiculously long check out line). I didn't even try the clothes on--I just knew they'd fit--and they did! Pictures (hopefully) to come later this week.

So, you see, even when the scale isn't moving downward, I can still find something positive to celebrate! I also bought some clothes from the regular women's section at Target--not plus size! I'm continually taking clothes out of my bin of "clothes that I WILL fit into again" as well, and it feels awesome. (Maybe, just maybe, I won't be fat forever.)


  1. Yay!! It is the best feeling ever to get XL clothes. So happy for you!

  2. WOO HOO to buying a regular XL. That is an awesome feeling!


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