Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Goals

What the heck?! How is it already October?!?!?!? You guys, this year is FLYING by us.

I quite seriously considered titling this October "Ghouls", but decided not to go there. Wait, I just did!

Before I list out my goals for October, let's recap my goals from September:

1. Post daily food journal on the blog: I've been pretty good at this. Unfortunately I left my journal at home today, so I can't post the last couple of days. I'm going to keep doing this, although it won't be an official "goal" of the month.

2. Exercise at least 3x per week. Nailed it! Will continue on with this one as well.

3. Prepare lunches the night before. So-so. I definitely did it more this month, but it still wasn't a regular habit. Will continue trying to improve my stats.

4. Drink 100oz of water per day. I swore I was going to actually track this, but failed miserably. I can't be sure how I did, but I don't think I met this goal too often. Definitely staying on the list!

So, obviously some room for improvement here. This month, my wonderful Lovely Ladies group on Facebook has decided to do a personal nutrition challenge through October 31. We each declared our own food-related goals, and we'll check in each day for accountability. I'm super excited about this one! We've also still got our Jedi Challenge (30 minutes of activity every day until the release of the new Star Wars movie) and our miles challenge (get another 1000 miles of activity as a group by the end of the month) going.

That being said, here are my goals for the month:

1. Include at least 1 fruit/vegetable with every meal. I definitely don't get enough fruits and veggies on a consistent basis. I love them and want to include them, I just have a hard time getting to the store regularly. I probably go shopping once every 2 weeks, and produce just doesn't keep that long... lame excuse, I know. I do keep lots of frozen veggies in the freezer, but sometimes you just want fresh.

2. Go to Starbucks no more than 3x per week. That probably still sounds like a lot to some of you, but for the last several weeks, I've been going nearly every day. It's not only hurting me nutritionally, but also financially. I know a huge part of it is the routine... so I decided on 3 days so I can still go on the weekends and maybe 1 day during the week. I know this is very realistic and doable, especially since I make a mean homemade frappuccino!

3. No more than 2 dessert-type treats per day. Some days my sweet tooth is out of control, and I feel a little embarrassed to look at my food journal at the end of the day and see 3-4 sweet treats on it.

4. Drink 100oz of water per day. Just a good thing to do!

There you have it. Obviously there is room for improvement in my diet, and here's to making small, positive changes!


  1. Awesome goals. Way to crush your goal of working out three times a week!

  2. The Starbucks made me laugh....we all have our indulgences....with me its the drive thru at any place with ice cream. ;-(

  3. Wonderful goals!! I like the no more than 2 dessert-type treats per day. That is a good one!! :) But Starbucks is just so fun and good :)

  4. I love that your goals are well thought out and manageable. Here's to October!!


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