Saturday, September 12, 2015

You're not alone... Or, going public

Since starting this blog, I've shared it with very few people in my "real" day-to-day life. There's something about allowing people that you see or talk to on a regular basis to know everything about you that's just...scary.

At last week's WW meeting, the leader asked me and another member to share a little with the group this week. She gave us some questions, and just told us to be ready. 

I'll share what I spoke about in another post, as I'm just quickly posting this from my phone before getting my hair cut, but one thing I learned from this experience is that there are a lot of people out there who are in this struggle, and nobody talks about the real issues that led us to this point. I even received a message recently from an old friend who found my blog through Instagram who is going through the same thing. 

So I'm going public and sharing the blog on my personal Facebook page. We are not alone in this struggle... YOU are not alone. 


  1. You go, Christina! Your story is real and relatable. It will help many people. It is hard to go public though. I have only shared my blog with one of my friends. I hope someday to go public also.

  2. I agree, you can be of help to so many people, sharing publicly will show others that they are not alone. :)

  3. LOVE. Once you start being open about it, you'd be surprised as to how many people are going through the same thing.

  4. I totally agree that there are so many people going through this same struggle but most people are afraid to talk about it. I know I'm afraid to talk about it with people I know in real life! But at the same time, I'd be ok if people saw my blog...but I'm not ready to actively share it!

  5. I have a few people that are aware, but generally haven't broadcast the blog. Weirdly, I can be more open knowing that very few people I know in real life read it. Definitely something to think about though.


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