Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Weigh In (9/5)

Well, hello! Long weekends seriously throw me off my blogging game--I was particularly busy this weekend because Marc's parents were in town, and he worked more than he normally does (meaning it was just me and the kids a lot of the time) so by the time I had any quiet time, I just wanted to sleep/veg on the couch. I do apologize for the nearly week-long absence!

Anyway, back to Saturday's weigh in...

Down 2.8, putting me just .6 away from 40 pounds lost! I swear, I've been dancing thisclose to the 40-pounds-gone mark for a month. I will hit it this week!

I managed to earn 20 Activity Points from Saturday to Monday--that's more than I earn most weeks! I wear an ActiveLink (WW's activity tracker--it automatically converts everything into AP's). It goes to show how sedentary my job is... ugh... a blessing and a curse, I suppose. Marc had to work for about 4 hours on Saturday, so I took the kids to the zoo and did lots of walking in the ridiculous humidity; the temperature outside wasn't bad, but it was so freaking humid! Pretty much everyone at the zoo looked like they'd run through a sprinkler a few times.

Ryan wouldn't look up, so Karinne assisted by pushing his head up--as you can see in the bottom right picture
Marc's parents were in town briefly over the weekend, and on Sunday we went to the Louisiana Seafood Festival. That morning, I started Week 4 of Couch to 5K, and then continued walking until I reached 3 miles (I've decided that Sunday is my "long run" day). Then we decided to walk to the Seafood Festival since parking would probably be a pain in the butt. Unfortunately, we didn't consider how hot it was going to be, and I think we nearly died (kidding! sort of...). That was about another 2.5 miles of walking altogether. Overall, I ended up with ELEVEN Activity Points on Saturday! I think that's the most I've gotten in a single day since I started wearing it last year.

I went for a 2 mile walk Monday morning, and Marc had to work all day so it was just me and the kids all day. Every time that happens, I'm reminded why I'm not a stay-at-home mom. To all you parents who stay home with the kiddos, you're amazing!

During Sunday's run

Took a break during my walk on Sunday; trash is leftover from the previous day's festival. I don't understand why the
park hadn't emptied it yet, or why people continued to pile on the trash!
Also, we decided to buckle down and work on potty training Ryan over the long weekend. He's been showing signs of readiness for a while, so we finally decided to dive in. He only had a couple of accidents, and I call that a success! He went to school today wearing his big boy undies and he only had one accident, on the playground - his teacher was super proud of him! The prospect of being completely done with diapers soon is almost more excitement than I can handle!

Yep, that's the Millennium Falcon on his booty


  1. Awesome job with your loss and with all the walking! You're killing it! Your kiddos are just adorable! Oh and so are the undies! 😃

  2. Look at you kicking butt at your loss! I am most impressed with your AP!
    And the millenium falcon butt is TOO CUTE!

  3. Yay for the downward trend on the scale! You are doing great! Love the exercise picture - you look really happy!

  4. What an excellent loss! You are inspiring. I'm looking forward to cooler weather this week and hoping to get outside and get some walks in. I don't know how you do it in the heat!

  5. Great job, Christina. You did great with the APs. Fingers crossed for 40lbs this week!! What a lot of activity!!! That is awesome!! The kids look adorable!


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