Monday, September 21, 2015

Weigh In (9/19) + Changing Tactics

Weigh in from Saturday was NOT what I was expecting...

Up 1.6... whaaaaa?? Once I got over the initial shock, I thought about why I could have gained... for one thing, I really upped my exercise and added some strength training so I'm sure my muscles were holding on to some water. Another thing, I had quite a few tortilla chips with salsa, guac, and bean dip (not all at the same time) Friday night before weigh in; even though I still had points to spare, that was a pretty salty snack. Sigh.

I was reeeeaaally disappointed that I didn't reach 40 pounds gone again this week. However, I did manage to turn it around and remind myself of all the good I did last week:

  • I ran for 20 minutes straight
  • I ate well and stayed within my PointsPlus 
  • I exercised every single day thanks to my Lovely Ladies group
  • I felt really good about the choices I made all week. I wasn't lying when I circled the smiley face above my weigh in sticker!
So, even though I was surprised at the scale, I'm choosing to let it go. I may not be able to control how my body responds to certain things and how the scale reflects that, but I can control how I react. 

Now, with that out of the way, I am changing my tactics just a little bit. Usually, I use all my Weekly Points before dipping into my Activity Points each week, and I've always carried my AP's over each day, allowing them to build up throughout the week. By the end of the week, even if I've gone through all my WP's, I might still have 15-20 AP's to use--so I'm all, "WOOOO PARTAY!!!!". 

Starting this week, I'm using my AP's first each day, and they will not carry over day to day. Hopefully this will keep me from thinking, "Oh, it's okay if I go way over today, I'll just make it up later by earning lots of AP's" (which, inevitably, doesn't happen). 

Whether you follow Weight Watchers or track calories a different way, how do you handle your AP's/calories "earned" through exercise? 
Food Journals 9/19-9/20 (oops, forgot to post a few last week!): 
*WW is out of their 12-week journals, so I'm stuck using the free weekly trackers. Not my favorite, but they get the job done!


  1. I had something similar happen to me. I had an awesome week, tons of exercise, eating well, staying within points, etc. And Friday night I had a little heartier dinner than I normally do, but again, stayed within points. Got up Sat to weigh in and a big gain. I said, NO. I switched my weigh in to Sunday, adjusted points accordingly, did my normal thing, weighed in sunday and I LOST 1.2. Stupid salt.
    I do the same thing as you, get to the end of the week and see all those leftover points and think PARTY TIME. Not the night before a weigh in Meg!
    I eat my AP points first, then my Weeklies. Seems like it's easier for me to pretend the weeklies aren't there unless I really want to indulge.

  2. Doh! Sorry about the W.I. but I think you are doing the right thing by changing up those AP's I know you'll hit that 40 lb loss next week!

  3. Next week you will have a huge loss...just wait!

    I usually eat my APs (or most of them). Basically, I think of them as "there if I need them"--which I usually do.

  4. Kudos for going to the meeting and weighing in....I have been eating more since starting back to "full time" work after 18 years. I feel rushed, famished, and crazed after work.....which equals bad meal choices and scarfing down too much food too quickly.

    I need to decide on a new plan of attack soon!!!

  5. Your doing great! Just look at all of the positive things you are doing! A little gain aint nothing! :) Good luck this week mixing it up a bit!

  6. I'm happy that you could look at the positive--something I need to rehearse and learn.
    I can just run for 5 minutes at a stretch--need to work on that!

  7. I love that you are working to find what works best for you :) Even more love for your turning a disappointing gain into a reminder of all the GREAT things you accomplished this week alone. Fingers crossed that next week is your milestone!

  8. I know a lot of people have had success with the daily AP tactic rather than weekly. Hope it works for you! Great job taking a positive perspective!


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