Friday, September 18, 2015

On Becoming a Badass

I'd planned on writing a random bullet-point post for today, but then something happened that required the use of "badass" in the title of this post... something that I could not put off sharing with you today.

This thing that happened is a huge achievement for me. I'd equate it to the feeling you get when you roll a critical hit against your worst foe in D&D, but it's bigger than that. Seriously, I'm not joking. It's bigger than winning the Spelling Bee, placing first in the Math Olympics, bigger than achieving that 4.0 GPA. (What?! All my achievements in life are pretty much academic--don't judge!)

You guys, today, September 18, 2015, is the first time I ran a mile without walking. First. Time. Ever. IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. Today was Week 5, Day 3, of C25K--run 20 minutes without walking.

Ummm, hello, the last run was run 8/walk 5 twice, and now you want me to just run 20 minutes like it's no big deal?!

Well... I crushed it. So today, not only did I run the elusive mile without walking, but I also ran for 20 minutes straight!

Shortly after my Garmin beeped to let me know I'd run a mile!
I remember doing those stupid "Presidential Fitness" things in school, and I'd never run the mile. I'd always claim, "I can't breathe!" or "But asthma!". I played soccer my sophomore year in high school, and I never ran through all the conditioning either. My senior year of high school, I took "Aerobic Walking" as my PE... my friends and I were pissed when the coach made us run to the end of the block! I, of course, claimed I couldn't breathe about halfway through.

I think in reality, I was just embarrassed because I ran so much slower than everyone else (at least I felt like I did). Rather than continue forward, getting further and further behind, I'd act like I was having an asthma attack so I could stop to walk, or quit altogether.

Taken after completing my run this morning; the sun finally made an appearance!
A little more about my running history... I officially decided I wanted to tackle running around late March/early April of this year, and used the Runner's World 8-week plan. One of my earliest blog posts, "Becoming a Runner," details more of that story.  I didn't complete it; I think it was just too hard for me, and I also got a little burnt out and lazy for a while (skipping whole weeks, or just running once a week).

About 4-5 weeks ago, I started running regularly again--this time with the Couch to 5K plan. So far, it's gone really well; in the Facebook challenge group I'm part of, we've got a couple of challenges going on right now that have really encouraged me to get up and be active even when I don't want to be. Right now, I'm doing C25K on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday or Friday; then I'm just walking, biking at the gym, or doing strength training on the other days.

I think Sunday is my favorite day to run. I don't have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to run, so I can take my time a little bit. I have also designated that my "long run" day, which is 3 miles (in preparation for the 5K I'm doing on Halloween). I complete whatever C25K has for that day, then I walk (maybe run a few minutes here and there if the urge hits) until I reach 3 miles. The past several Sundays have been gorgeous, so I hope that continues!

Last Sunday's run... I was so excited because I woke up and it was in the 60's with relatively low humidity, but in my excitement to get out and run, I forgot to use my inhaler. Half a mile in, my trachea was suddenly the size of a toothpick and it felt (and tasted) like my lungs were lined with metal spikes. I sat down for probably 10 minutes and did some very controlled breathing and then sloooowly walked home. I cried a lot, felt a little sorry for myself. The sad face pic was while I was resting. I got home, recovered, and then headed back out after snack and inhaler. I proceeded to have a FANTASTIC 3.1 miles and the weather truly was incredible--check out that blue sky!

I'm finding that I enjoy running more and more, and it's also becoming more of an emotional outlet for me. I've noticed lately that when I'm feeling angry or sad or depressed, my first thought (more often than not) is "I need to run NOW" rather than "I need a pint of ice cream STAT"--and let me tell you... nothing, not even running a mile for the very first time in your entire life can beat how good that feels.

Wearing makeup because I'd just gotten off work. Shirt found here.


  1. Badass! What an accomplishment! You rock.

  2. LOVE your shirt. Also, you are beautiful. :)

    I know what it feels like to run a mile straight for the first time in your life-- it feels AWESOME. I am so proud of you because I know how big of an achievement this is. You're inspiring me to get back to running again...kind of... ;)

  3. Woot Woot!! Enjoy the feeling and keep up the great work.

  4. Love this post so so so much! I remember my first mile and it is still my proudest accomplishment years later. It was basically my Everest. I have a very similar backstory as you running-wise so being able to complete a mile non-stop (at age 34!) was HUGE! After that I went on to do C25K to train for my first 5K. I think that is a great program to use! Good luck in your training!

  5. Great achievement, Christina! I am so proud of you! And, I love your T-shirt. Very true message!

    1. Hey, I cannot comment on you blog for some reason :(

  6. Ah Christina, this is so awesome to read!!! Congratulations! You never forget your first mile...and I know you'll have many more - but this one is special. You ROCK!!!

  7. I'm so glad you are enjoying running so much! Congratulations on your first mile :) You're doing so good! :)

  8. I still remember my first mile :) Shelley is right - you never forget. You are definitely badass and this is a moment totally worth celebrating.


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