Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Love Your Body Tuesday: Arms

Welcome to Love Your Body Tuesday, a series in which I talk about what I love about each and every part of me.

Today I'm talking about my arms. I've never particularly liked my arms, mostly because of the way skin gathered around my elbows--I remember being self-conscious of this as a child! However, I've also never really shied away from wearing sleeveless tops--hello, Alabama summers!

My arms are also the very first place I ever noticed stretch marks on my body; I was in PE in 3rd grade. I was always kinda spacey during PE and noticed the little silver streaks on the inside of my upper arm. Another girl saw me staring (I guess) and ran over and was all, "What's that?!?" in the way that 3rd grade girls do. She thought they were scratches; I, however, knew exactly what they were, and they meant I had big arms.

I didn't want to take random, generic photos for this post, so I went through lots of older photos on my computer and tried to find pictures where I can appreciate my arms.

My arms are wonderfully capable of...
holding children
hugging necks
cradling nursing babies...
... and bellies
showing off after a sweaty 5k walk
swinging babies
attempting to comfort a hysterical 3-month-old
capturing moments of newborn bliss
*pretending* to make traditional tea
"playing" guitar
and picking your friends' noses
Oh, and I can't believe I almost forgot--arms are awesome because they help take gratuitous running selfies!
I'm actually wearing a different shirt in each photo. Amazing!
 Alright, so arms are pretty awesome and useful. I think I definitely owe it to them to work them out a little more so they can get stronger; after all they've done (and do) for me, it's the least I could do, right?

How are your arms amazing?
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  1. You are beautiful! When you think about body parts in this way, you learn to appreciate them more.

    My arms are amazing because they can lift my daughter and also offer love and comfort.

  2. I love this series! It's so good to think about the functionality of body parts. Arms are great! I love mine because even though they are a bit bigger than I want, I am strong! I can lift heavy things and I love it :)

  3. Love all the retro pictures :) Those arms have done some amazing things!

    1. Thanks! I enjoyed looking through the pictures... there were probably 10 more that I cut just because I didn't want to go overboard. I'll have to find some other reason to sneak them in :)

  4. Oh I love this series! My arms are amazing because they are pretty strong, Strong for my grooming dogs, lifting weights, and for doing Pilates 😃

  5. Aww love this! My arms are amazing for overhead smashing some tennis balls

  6. LOVE this one! Your arms are badass!

  7. Great post, Christina! I love my arms because they help me hug people I love and protect me from people intruding my space, because they help me lift things I want to carry and help break my fall if I stumble.

  8. Mine hold planks so my kiddo can crawl under me to see how long he can make me hold it. :) Great outlook on arms!


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