Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Thoughts

  • I'm completely off my game this week. After my awesome Friday run last week, I had a terrible run on Sunday. I was tired, it felt super hot and muggy outside, and my body just did not want to run. I did some running on Monday with my Girls on the Run team, but outside of that I haven't managed to run all week. How about we just pretend like this week didn't happen and have a do-over next week? 
Taken mid-terrible Sunday run
Taken post-terrible Sunday run
  • I'm really great at consistency and sticking to my goals for about 2 weeks, and then I just lose it. Now, I haven't lost it completely this week, but I'm not pleased with some of the choices that I've made. Get it together, Christina!
  • Marc got a new job! Since moving to New Orleans, he's been a manager at an upscale dine-in movie theater--it was basically just a job he took to get us here. It had its perks, like free movies/drinks/food, and free parking 24/7 in the French Quarter, but the hours have been hard on him, and us as a family. His new job is with a high-end office furniture company, in their warehouse--apparently things are kind of a mess over there, so once he gets things in order, he'll be groomed to take on a management role when this other guy retires next year. They're a great company, good to their people, so it's pretty exciting for us. Also, he'll have his nights and weekends and HOLIDAYS with us!
  • I'm really hoping that once Marc gets going at this new job (his last day at the theater was yesterday), our stress levels will decrease and we'll both be able to better focus on our health and fitness goals...really really really hoping.
  • This weekend is the Catfish Festival at the kids' school. We're going tonight for the fish fry, and then tomorrow is going to be a looooong day. WW meeting first thing, then we have to be at the school by 10:30 because Karinne's class is performing at 11. We'll hang out there most of the day, and then Marc and I start working our shifts at the booths. I'm working one game from 3:30-6:30, Marc's at another booth from 6:30-9:30, then we're both working a drink booth 9:30-11:30pm (that one should be interesting!).
  • I'll leave you with this, something that came up on my Facebook feed:

Food journals 9/21-9/24:


  1. Sorry about the tough week but sounds like y'all had a lot on your plate. Just brush it off and move forward! Congrats to Marc on that new job! That sounds great (and the exact reason why I stopped working at the movie theater too). Maybe we can arrange a DnD playdate at some point once our schedules calm down! :D

  2. Job changes are stressful - even if you know the new job is going to be SO much better. There's still an element of "fear of the unknown." Y'all's Saturday looks CRAZY!!! I wonder how many activity points you'll earn from walking around all day & night! Maybe enough to eat a tiny bite of ice cream! :)

  3. You are so good at journaling. Usually on "bad weeks" I forego the journal and just start over after the meeting. Kudos to you for that!!

    I am REALLY going to try to eat clean. To me that means no processed foods. I remember reading a quote by Jillian Michels sometime ago; "If it didn't come from the ground or doesn't have a mother don't eat it!" I did REALLY good for a long time as long as I kept repeating that in my head when ever I was tempted with the "sweet indulgences".......

    I am going to start repeating that once again!!!

  4. Don't let some bad days ruin what you've done. You have the tools to get back on track! Have fun at the festival and congrats on hubbys new sounds like it wIll be a positive change!

  5. Don't let some bad days ruin what you've done. You have the tools to get back on track! Have fun at the festival and congrats on hubbys new sounds like it wIll be a positive change!

  6. Blergh to a tough week. It happens to the best of us. Next time, give us a heads up about the two week cycle and maybe we can all encourage (ie Desiree and her hand) you through it!

  7. So excited for your family to have a better schedule - congrats to Marc :) Hope this week things come together better for you.

  8. That sounds like a horribly long festival day! Yikes! Congrats on Marc's new job. :)


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