Monday, August 31, 2015

Weigh In (8/29) + Superpowers

Saturday's weigh in...

Up a bit, but I was on my period so I was ready for it--though it was still disappointing since I did well with my eating and I exercised 4 days last week. I'm sure it'll come off this week.

The Weight Watchers meeting had a really great topic--"What's Your Superpower?" We were given a list of 24 character strengths, and had to choose 5 that best described us, then choose the 2 that most closely described us, and then choose 1 to work on this week. It came from VIA Institute on Character, and you should check out their website because it's pretty interesting stuff.

I really liked this meeting because so often, we get caught up in this negative self-talk... "I wish I was more __________" or "I'm not _________ enough." This exercise, though, it forced us to look at ourselves and see the good--see what we're good at, what our strengths are.

A member who reached Lifetime a few weeks ago said that one of the things that really helped her was to focus on the "Action Plan" every week, and actually do it. I think that sounds like a really great idea, so I'm going to start doing that too. This week, our Action Plan is to pick one strength and decide how to use it to make progress on our weight-loss goals:

I'm putting this plan into action today--I woke up too late to get my run in this morning, so I'm going to go to the gym this evening after Marc gets home no matter how late that is!

NSV! I went through my bin of "Clothes I Fully Intend To Wear Again" yesterday, and several items now fit! I was especially excited about a particular pair of G@p jeans because they're my most favorite jeans EVER. I was hesitant to try them on because that brand runs small and I usually need to be a size smaller than the G@p size before it fits; however, I pulled them right on and they buttoned and they fit like a glove! It'd been at least 3.5 years since the last time I wore them! I didn't take a picture because my room was a disaster and a little too embarrassing to put on the internet just yet--just know that they were great! I also hung up several shirts that now fit from the bin.

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  1. What a great feeling to have older clothes fit! Great job! I like the idea of the action plan. Thanks for sharing that! You're just up from water weight...darn being a woman!!

  2. Great NSV! Congrats! There's no feeling quite like zipping pants in a smaller size :)

  3. It's wonderful to have NSVs like that!! Congrats.

  4. Very healthy way to look at your gain although it does suck. I like your weekly action plan. You've gott his!

  5. I totally get the feeling of how the small clothes fit. It's a great feeling. Well done :))
    I hear people say not to focus on the scale, but it's hard for me :(

  6. Awesome NSV!!

    I love leading last week's meeting, it was fun to hear what everyone's superpowers are. Also, the quiz on the website was super insightful. My superpower is Love. :)


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