Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Love Your Body Tuesday: Feet

Welcome to another installment of Love Your Body Tuesday!

So, let's talk about feet. I felt like a somewhat easy part after my complicated legs last week.

First of all, my feet are big. They were a size 11 wide for most of my life, but now they are a 12 after the birth of 2 children (I hope they go down a size when I lose the weight. Please?)

It's not easy to buy shoes when you have feet like mine. Luckily, the Payless near me carries size 12 (in about half the styles of the other sizes), so all is not completely lost.

I have my mother's feet.

There they are in all their glory, chipped polish and all. My big toes are different--the left one is similar to my thumbs, somewhat short and flat, and the right toe is more like a "normal" big toe, if there's such a thing.

You may have noticed by now that I have tattoos on my right foot. I got them in 2010, about 2 years after my mom died. The sun was very much planned; my mom used to always sing "You Are My Sunshine". I decided to add the writing while I was waiting to get my tattoo; I wish I hadn't added the writing, but c'est la vie; it's faded over time, I assume because of the shoes rubbing against it. Fortunately, it's usually covered by my shoes.

And yes, it hurt. A lot.
Okay, so... my feet are big, though at 5'9", they are proportional to the rest of me. They keep me balanced and upright; if they were smaller, I'd probably fall over a lot more than I already do.

I like their uniqueness; not many woman have feet this big! I also like how they are a visual reminder of my weight loss; when I was closer to 300 pounds, they were always swollen and puffy. It was hard to fit into my shoes! Ever since I started losing weight, I can actually see the bones in my feet again and it's much more comfortable. Anyone that has ever experienced swollen feet and ankles can attest to the discomfort!

So, how do you feel about your feet?


  1. Nice post! I can relate. My feet have been sore and swollen. I feel that as I grow older and as I have grown heavier, my arches have fallen. This meansmore achiness after walking/hiking/running. Also, I have wide feet too. It's hard to find wide shoes in pretty styles. I also have permanent callouses on my fourth and little toe from years of trying to wear regular shoes and my toe rubbing against the shoe. But they bear the weight of the rest of my body and take me everywhere. And when I tore a muscle and a ligament in my left foot - it ached like CRAZY!!!!! My feet are really important to me. I think I'll paint my toenails tonight!

  2. Great post!! During all 3 of my pregnancies my feet were swollen constantly due to Pre-eclampsia. I remember after coming home the first time, and looking at my feet and actually seeing them normal. I cried and I've appreciated my feet ever since. Silly I know, but it's true :)

  3. I don't feel so great about my feet. Yes, they do all they are supposed to, but I wouldn't mind if they look cuter in sandals (or in most cases even fit in them). Maybe I need to quit avoid them and give them some more attention so I can appreciate them more :)

  4. Mine did get smaller when I lost weight, if that gives you any hope. :) Of course, then they got bigger again when I started running so it's been a moving target buying shoes for the last few years!

  5. I've always liked my feet probably more than I like anything else on my body. I have small toes. However, my feet are wide and it makes finding shoes difficult sometimes. I always hoped this would get better when I lose weight! At my lowest weight, my feet looked better but they were still wide.

    I love these posts. My therapist wants me to find something about my body that I love...eek. I'm really struggling with this self-love thing.


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