Monday, July 6, 2015

Weigh In + July Goals

My regular weigh-in day is Saturday, but since my WW center was closed due to the holiday, I went to a meeting on Friday and weighed in. It was packed since people from 2 Saturday meetings were there as well; I don't think they expected that many people to show up. It was refreshing though, seeing how many of us are so committed in our journeys right now.

Previous weigh in: 249.8
This weigh in: 246.8
Total loss: 35.6 

I had a great weigh in: I lost 3 pounds! My weight's been doing this big loss then gain/maintain then big loss thing, but my losses seem to make up for the weeks that I'm up so it's pretty obvious that those "gains" are just water. I'll take it! I was just looking at my "Goals" page, and I'm only about 1.5lbs from my next mini-goal of 245, which is my lowest weight post-2nd baby. That number seems so small to me! I still haven't given myself my 25-pound mani/pedi; sorta defeats the purpose of tangible rewards if I don't take advantage of them, huh?

Now, July goals. I swear I just made my June goals! Where is this year going?! Anyway, let's review:

Stay within PP for the week: I have done GREAT with this one. Just to clarify, this means stay within my daily, weekly, and activity points for the week. I only went over my PointsPlus for the week once, and that was 2 weeks ago; when it was all said and done, I was -21 for the week (and I had a .8 gain to show for it). Considering that prior to setting this goal, I'd gone over consistently several weeks in a row, this is a huge improvement.

Exercise 3x per week: Eh... working on this one still. My training plan has helped!

In bed by 11pm Sunday through Thursday: I've also done really well with this one! There were a few nights that it didn't happen because I was binge-watching Orange is the New Black, but overall I'm pretty proud of myself for just going to bed some nights when I normally would have stayed up until 12 or 1am.

I think that instead of writing all new goals, I'm just going to build on this list. I really liked my June goals, and I want to keep them up so the best way to do that is to keep them front and center. I also want to increase my water intake; a few weeks ago, I was part of a challenge to drink 100oz of water every day, and I felt great! (I also lost 4.4lbs that week, so that may have something to do with why I thought so highly of it.)


  1. Wow fantastic loss this week! I think you will rock those goals! They are very attainable!

  2. Congrats on the awesome loss!
    Those look like super attainable goals. Get it, lady!

  3. You're having a great month! I agree - that 100 oz of water week was so helpful. I may need to put that on my personal list while I'm traveling next week.

  4. What a great loss! That must be so motivating for you. I am impressed that you keep on tracking even when you go over. I am struggling with just continuing to track even when I make big mistakes... that's for the inspiration.


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