Sunday, July 12, 2015

Saturday Weigh In + Shopping

I was up just the tiniest of bits at this week's weigh-in; no biggie though, since I expect it following a large loss.

.2 is definitely a maintain, in my humble opinion
This week's meeting topic was about finding your pleasure, and taking the time to do something just for you. It was fitting, since I decided I wanted to go bathing suit shopping yesterday! I really wanted to find a high-waist bikini, but Target, Walmart, and Old Navy were completely picked over and really had nothing in my size.

I tried on the ONE bathing suit that Old Navy did have in stock in my size (XXL), and the fit was horrible! I do have a somewhat long torso, but it's usually not an issue; however, it was a struggle to get the suit even to my armpits, and the top was gaping--my breasts did not even come close to filling it out (and I'm a DD). Huge disappointment because I love the suit! It also has a low scoop back with a strap across so it looks kind of like a bikini from the back.

I tried on a ton of clothes; I was trying desperately to get some new, cute clothes because my most of my clothes are all getting to the point where they just look frumpy because they're so baggy. I appear to be in an awkward place where most XXL's are too big, but XL's are a little snug. I also tried on several different styles of rompers; I really didn't think I'd like them, but I actually loved the way they looked! Just one problem--Old Navy seems to be clueless as to how to fit clothes for women. The rompers all had adjustable ties in the top, but they were useless; if it fit my bottom half, the top half was literally hanging off of me, to the point that even the ties couldn't help. If it fit the top, it was waaaaaay too tight in the bottom. I am not even pear-shaped; or if I am, it has never been a problem before.

I wound up getting a dress and a casual button-down shirt. (If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you've already seen this.) The dress isn't perfect, as it gapes in the armpits, but I think it looks pretty good and I'm in desperate need of lightweight summer clothing!

Fashion blogger, I am not! Haha. (Dress appears to no longer be available online.)
NSV - Despite this shopping trip being extremely frustrating, it was frustrating for all the "right" reasons, if that makes sense. Sure, I came home mostly empty-handed, but it wasn't because I hated the way I looked in everything; I came home empty-handed because things just didn't fit properly or they weren't a good fit for my body. When something didn't fit right, I simply said, "oh well" and moved on. It was kind of amazing! I was trying on clothes I never would have even glanced at a year ago--rompers, shorts (the lone pair in my size that was in stock), a BATHING SUIT... the whole experience was so therapeutic.

I feel like it was a glimpse into a future where I can walk into any store and actually find clothes in my size and try them on, and I can actually choose my style rather than just buy whatever simply because it fits. I can't wait!


  1. Good for you! I can't tell you the number of times I have bought something just cause it "fit on my body' instead of it actually flattering my body. Love your smile as you show off your new dress :)

  2. I've had a hard time getting Old Navy things to fit me too. I'm not sure what upper body their things are designed to fit, but it's definitely not mine. :)

  3. This was my favorite part about losing the weight- getting to shop at normal stores again and having so many more options. I really miss it now. Great job!!

    1. It's definitely opening up a whole new world of clothing for me. You'll get there again!


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