Thursday, July 9, 2015

Blog Header + Social Media

Just a quick update!

I finally sat down and made a header for my blog; very easy to do with PicMonkey as they have a Design option for "FB Cover" that is the perfect dimensions.

Speaking of Facebook, I took the plunge and made a Facebook page for the blog. Please go like it, as it looks a little sad right now with no followers :) Love Yourself Healthy on Facebook

I'm also going to attempt to be somewhat active on Instagram. I've always just used it as a means to make pretty pictures, so there are a lot of pictures of my children on there. I cleaned it up and updated it some, so it's ready to go! @steeners

That's all the shameless plugging for today!

1 comment:

  1. I love your header. I redesigned my site earlier this year and now I'm getting sick of it again. Eventually I want to move to Wordpress so I will just hang tight for now. Also, I'm pretty sure I need to change the name of my blog since I want to blog about a lot more than weight loss (or lack thereof...). Ugh. Anyways, I liked your page on FB!


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