Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weigh In + Weekend Recap

I hope you all had a fairly uneventful holiday weekend--I know I sure did. My in-laws came in from Texas (they stopped in on their way to the beach for a week; we'll see them again next weekend on their way home), so we spent Saturday with them.

We finally made it to Katie's Restaurant, a Mid-City staple that was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives several years ago. It was delicious! We all shared one of their signature appetizers, a crawfish beignet--a beignet filled with cheese, crawfish, and other stuff--it was alright, not really my thing. I much preferred the cheese-covered fries with gravy :D For my entree, I got chargrilled oysters and a salad--super yummy!

I had a great weigh-in...

I seem to have a pattern of maintaining/tiny gain, then lose a lot. However, losing this much in one week usually means I'll either maintain or gain a small amount the following week. We'll just have to see what happens! Either way, I'm pretty happy with it--I've lost over 100 sticks of butter! That's kinda crazy to think about.

Since I reached an official milestone of 25 pounds lost, I got a new charm for my WW keychain! I've never gotten the 25 pound charm/washer before (I've always quit around the 20-pound mark), and I'm honestly a little surprised at how excited I was (and still am!) to receive it.

Here are my food logs from the weekend...

I've been craving Chinese food for several weeks now; we *almost* went to a Chinese buffet one night, but I'm so glad we didn't. Instead, I ordered some delivery last night and it was delicious! Totally worth it.


  1. I've had Chinese twice this past week... I wasn't planning on it the second time, but that's ok. Yummy! My husband and I always split a meal since they're so huge...we still have leftovers to bring home.

    That is a FANTASTIC loss!! Way to go!

    1. Why does Chinese food have to be SO DELICIOUS?!? Haha.



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