Monday, May 18, 2015

Weigh In + NSV!

Saturday's weigh-in was a little disappointing: 

I'm attributing the small gain to the pizza and sushi I ate on Friday (helloooo, water retention); also, I was a little constipated again (not sure why this is suddenly happening so frequently, but it sure is annoying!). No matter though; it is what it is.

I somehow managed to leave my food journal at home this morning; I feel lost without it! So, can't post any food logs right now. I didn't have the best weekend, food wise (though everything was delicious), but I still want to post them for accountability. 

Today I had a great NSV (non-scale victory) though! It's just what I needed, too, after the weigh-in disappointment. I have several shirts that I bought from thrift stores in 2013 that wound up being too tight when I tried them on at home; since they're non-returnable, I decided just to keep them until I was able to fit into them. Well, today I'm wearing one that didn't even come close to buttoning back then! The bottom button is a little snug (thanks, baby pooch!), but it's definitely wearable, so... 

Happy Monday!


  1. Congratulations on the NSV. Those are the best kind. You look lovely!
    And thanks for your kindness re: my grandfather's death.

  2. You look great! I'm sure that .4 will be off by next week.

  3. I used to have to worry about the boob gap but now I have the bottom button gap thanks to the baby pooch. Sheesh!

    Congrats on your victory!

    1. Haha, I still have the boob gap--pretty sure I'd still have it even if I was super skinny :/ Safety pins are a girls' best friend! I do have 1 button-down shirt that actually has a hidden button in the boob-gap place--I've never found another one like it. It's like the unicorn of button-down shirts!


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