Monday, May 4, 2015

Weigh In (5/2)

So after all that deliberating on Friday, I fully planned on skipping my weigh in on Saturday... sort of. I decided that I still needed to know my weight to keep from getting further out of control, so I was planning to tell the weigh in receptionist to not say anything and keep a poker face, and I'd look at the number when I was ready. 

Well, I got there and told the receptionist not to say anything (just as I'd planned), but then she smiled and said, "It's really good! You even lost a point." I was completely dumbfounded... flabbergasted even! All I could manage to say was, "I just don't understand my body." 

I sat in my usual spot and opened my weigh-in book to see how I did... 

And there it is, folks! I actually lost 2.2 pounds! All that anxiety for nothing. I think it really just proves that my last few weeks of maintenance and the gain were literally all water weight. If nothing else, this has been a good reinforcement for me--don't put so much stock in what the scale says; I know whether I've been eating well or not and the scale isn't always a perfect reflection of that. 

I know the scale shouldn't matter so much to me--that's why I got rid of mine at home--but it sure is nice when you get a good result after several weeks of "meh" results. 

I feel that determination again--goodbye PMS, hello feeling good again!


  1. Hi Christina, This is wonderful news! Ia m so glad you're feeling good too. The scale is fickle. It can fluctuate +/- 5 lbs in a week. That's why I don't get too excited when I get to a certain weight unless I have stayed there for a few weeks, or too disappointed (although still a little) if it goes over a certain weight unless it stays there for a few weeks.

    1. Thanks! I tend to feel the same way... I've been dipping my toe in the 250's for a month now, but I'm waiting until I get to about 257 to decide that I'm actually in the 250's. I swear, weight loss is such a game!


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