Friday, May 22, 2015

I Found It!

I found my tracker! I didn't realize how much it had become like a security blanket to me until I lost it. Truth be told, I still don't know exactly what happened to it--when I came home from work yesterday, it was just on the floor in the middle of the living room. When I asked Marc about it, he swore he didn't put it there. Soooo, it's a mystery. Either way, at least it's back in my possession!

Yesterday's food:

The Skillet Corn and Zucchini Pie is an old favorite recipe of mine; however, I probably should have calculated the PointsPlus BEFORE having 2 servings of it. Oh well--it was delicious! I also did not have any sweets at all and I'm still here to tell about it, so obviously this "cut back on sugar challenge" is not going to kill me :)


  1. Good for you for keeping off the sugar. That's hard to do. The Skillet corn and zucchini pie sounds yummy. Recipe please! Also, you are on Day 6 and not gone over your weekly allowance. Sounds like a successful week points-wise. Have a lovely long weekend.

    1. I am planning on posting the recipe as soon as I make it again and can take pictures :D Hopefully this will happen tonight!

  2. I am so bad about cooking up something delicious and then calculating the points AFTERWARDS only to realize that I probably wouldn't have eaten so much if I had calculated the points BEFORE eating.


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