Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mosquitos Suck... or, Running With Asthma

Hahaha. Ha. 

Get it? "Mosquitos Suck"? I crack myself up.

Yesterday I didn't run. Wednesday's my early day at work, and although I did set a super-early alarm (4:30!), I opted to continue sleeping instead. When I plugged in my ActiveLink before bed, I'd only reached 50% of my activity goal for the day--that's pretty sad, lol. My current goal is 3 activity points (AP's) per day, so it's not even that much. Just goes to show how sedentary my job is. I really need to make a more concerted effort to be more active on the days I don't run.

This morning, I was all set to go for my run; when I picked up my Garmin, it was dead again! I'm going to start putting it up higher so kids can't get to it and unplug it. I popped it on the charger for about 15 minutes and got it to 20% and left for my run. After about 4 blocks (my warm up period), I realized I forgot to use my inhaler before I left--aaaaaaaaaaaarghghghgslkgho!

Since I'd already left so late, and I was already 4 blocks out, I decided to run just one 9-minute interval and then head home. Well, I made it 4.5 minutes before slowing to a walk, and then I just couldn't breathe. Ugh. I sat down to try to catch my breath and regulate my breathing, and during that 5-minutes, I think I got about 10 mosquito bites! It was ridiculously humid this morning, and those little bastards were out in full force. I finally caught my breath enough to attempt walking home, and I finally made it after going veeeeeery slowly and stopping a couple of times.

So, notes to self: It's never a good idea to attempt even a short run without hitting the inhaler first, and it's officially bug spray season in New Orleans. 

Oh! Tuesday night was a free concert at City Park with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO)--it was a gorgeous day, so we took the kids and packed a little picnic and walked to the park to listen to the music. It was absolutely perfect weather, not a trace of humidity. They played a lot of TV and movie theme songs--we heard a Star Trek-theme medley, Superman, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and a couple of others that I don't remember before we left. I managed to take this gorgeous picture as I was leaving (around 8pm).


  1. I hate mosquitoes. I don't run because of a weak knee following an injury - and I am too slow a target. So, I get bitten by mosquitoes when I am walking. Thankfully, I now live in a mosquito-free-ish place. You have all my sympathy! Your Park Concert sounds delightful!

    1. You are so lucky to not have to deal with mosquitos! I keep a can of bug spray by the front door now so I remember to spray myself before going outside.

  2. Hi NEW to your Blog :) I have noticed that I have needed bug spray MUCH earlier in the year this year. I am in North Alabama.

    1. I hate these stupid bugs! My family and I moved here in 2013 from Birmingham, so--hello there, former sort-of-neighbor! :)


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