Thursday, April 30, 2015

Impromptu Date Day!

Yesterday morning, Marc called and asked if I could take a half day from work to go watch the new Avengers movie--he's the Operations Manager at a theater and was able to set it up so we could watch it. They're doing a midnight showing for the employees tonight, but I just can't do that anymore, and they're not allowed to use employee passes for the movie for 2 weeks. So a half day it was! FYI, the movie was AWESOME and there's an extra scene midway through the credits, but there's nothing at the very end of the credits--so you don't have to sit around for 5 minutes waiting to see if there's something at the end!

It was a gorgeous day outside, and after the movie we walked around the Quarter for a bit.

There was a skywriter writing messages around the city like "Believe," "Hope," "Live," "Coexist," "Faith," "Pray," and smiley faces. "Live" floated by shortly after I took this picture.

I didn't see the actual writing, I just happened to look up
and see the word. 
We walked from the theater down to Jackson Square, around the square, and then back to the theater because we did have to return to our real life and pick up the kids from daycare :) It was a great day! 

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